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Marseilles -  port view

Trains to France

From the corner cafés of Montmartre to the lavender fields of Provence, it's never been easier to explore every corner of France by train.

With Eurostar tickets to suit every budget and trains leaving for Paris throughout the day, start your escape in London and arrive rested and raring to go, right in the heart of the action.

The perfect place for romantic strolls or extravagant sprees, Paris is hard to beat for a weekend break. Treat someone special or splash out with your friends in the City of Light. But don't forget, there's more to France than Paris.

And when you're ready for some serious R&R, head to the Med. Don your shades and settle into a beach-front bistro on a balmy evening to watch the world go by and the sun go down over a glass of something délicieux. With so much to do and more trains than ever, there's never been a better time to explore France by rail.

Trains to the north of France

Travel to Paris in style

Head to Paris in style and comfort with Eurostar. Hop on the train at London St Pancras and, in just 2 hours 16 minutes, you’ll be arriving in the heart of Paris.

London to Paris train
London to Disneyland® Paris Trains

For a magical break from the real world, where better than the place where magic gets real? Disneyland® Paris is sure to be a hit with all the family, adults and kids alike.

London to Disneyland Paris train
London to Lille Trains

At under 1 hour 30 minutes from London, Lille is the perfect place to go for a day trip, especially as the station is just a short walk from the main square and shops.

London to Lille train
London to Calais trains

With its ornate Hôtel de Ville, imposing Grand Théâtre and airy Musée des Beaux-Arts, Calais is worth taking some time to explore. And all under an hour from London.

London to Calais train
London to Nantes Trains

If you haven’t been to Nantes, what are you waiting for? Whether you’re travelling with friends or family, this exciting town has lots to do and see.

London to Nantes train
London to Strasbourg trains

With rich architectural heritage, extraordinary cathedral and sweeping views of the city - Strasbourg is a top spot for sightseeing.

London to Strasbourg train

Train to the south east of France

London to Nice Trains

It may not be the fastest way to travel from London to Nice, but it’s the most scenic and stress-free. Sit back and enjoy the scenery as you speed down to the sun.

London to Nice train
London to Antibes Trains

From the yachts bobbing in the port to the winding streets of Vieil Antibes, it’s hard not to relax in this charming port town. So hit the beach and soak up some sun.

London to Antibes train
London to Toulon Trains

For a holiday that combines culture, history, fresh air and fun, head to Toulon. You can walk off all the delicious food and wine on the sandy beaches or sightseeing.

London to Toulon train
London to Aix-en-Provence Trains

With its artistic atmosphere, Aix is the perfect place to find perspective. Explore the winding streets or just sit back with a pastis and watch the world go by.

London to Aix train
London to Lyon trains

For foodies and history lovers alike, Lyon has it all. The gastronomic capital of France and a UNESCO World Heritage site, it’s perfect for a holiday or city break.

London to Lyon train
London to Avignon Trains

Head to the South of France with Eurostar. No hassle, no baggage restrictions, just a relaxing trip down through the beautiful French countryside.

London to Avignon train
London to Marseille trains

From London St Pancras to the Mediterranean coast in time for lunch, hop on the Eurostar and you’ll be basking on the beach or sipping wine on a terrace in no time.

London to Marseille train

Trains to the south west of France

London to Toulouse Trains

Toulouse, with its tree-lined waterways, leafy parks, impressive museums and galleries and rugby-loving locals, is the perfect place for a relaxing holiday in the sun.

London to Toulouse train
London to Montpellier Trains

The beach in the morning, wine tasting in the afternoon and dinner on a terrace, this lively university town is the perfect base for exploring this beautiful area.

London to Montpellier train
London to Lourdes Trains

As a key world pilgrimage site, Lourdes has over six million visitors a year. But, away from the crowds, the surrounding countryside offers peace and tranquillity.

London to Lourdes train
London to Bordeaux trains

With a quick station change in Paris you can travel all the way to Bordeaux by train. Before you know it you’ll be sampling the food and wine and feeling like a local.

London to Bordeaux train
London to Biarritz Trains

Once a glamorous seaside resort, Biarritz has changed since the surf set arrived in the 1950s. Wetsuits now have the edge on dinner suits in this friendly Basque town.

London to Biarritz train
London to Perpignan trains

Just a stone’s throw from the Spanish border, Perpignan’s a cultural crossroads, with Catalan influences visible everywhere, from the local lingo to the dinner menu.

London to Perpignan train