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Eurostar fares, fees and conditions

Return ticket prices


£78 - £408

£140 - £488



£78 - £418

£140 - £488



£78 - £388

£140 - £458


Disneyland Paris

£78 - £258

£158 - £320



£78 - £388

£140 - £458



£78 - £418

£140 - £488


Fares, fees and conditions

French Alps fares

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Fare Availability

Tickets go on sale between 330 days before departure. We price the tickets on our trains based on demand and availability, with cheaper tickets often selling out quickest. 

Service Fees

For Standard and Standard Premier bookings made over the phone or at the station, the service fee is £10 per transaction.

Business Premier travellers are not charged as the fee is included in the price of their ticket, nor do we charge service fees of Eurostar™ Carte Blanche holders.

To avoid paying the service fee, just use or the Eurostar app to make and manage bookings.

Ticket Gates and Checks – Closure Times and Fees

If you arrive after the ticket gates or checks close, we reserve the right to not allow you to board your train. If you’ve arrived before your train’s departure time, you can ask at the ticket office for a seat on the next available train. If there’s space, we’ll rebook your ticket and you’ll need to pay a £44 fee if you are travelling in Standard or Standard Premier class.

Find out when to arrive at the station.

Flexible tickets

Customers can exchange tickets in Standard and Standard Premier as many times as they want without paying an exchange fee, as long as tickets are exchanged 7 days or more before the departure time of their individual journey. Where tickets are exchanged within 7 days of the individual journey:

  • adult tickets – will incur an exchange fee per person and per individual journey in Standard (£30) and in Standard Premier (£40)
  • child tickets – will not incur an exchange fee

Tickets are non-refundable. Where tickets are exchanged for a higher priced ticket, customers will need to pay the difference. Where tickets are exchanged for a lower price ticket, the difference in price will not be refunded

Child Fares

The prices listed above are for adults; our child fares are 30% cheaper in Standard and Standard Premier.