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Tower Bridge, City Hall and the Shard

Trains to the UK

Whether you're starting your journey with Eurostar from France, Belgium or the Netherlands you’ll be on your way to London in style.

With lots of legroom and space to unwind, our seats are designed for a comfier journey, while our two-bag luggage allowance means you needn’t hold back when packing.

So sit back, relax and let us whisk you to the centre of London in no time.

City or station
City or station

Trains from France to the UK

Paris to London train

Art and culture, theatre and shopping, leafy parks and riverside strolls – the only tricky bit’s deciding where to start…
Paris to London train

Lille to London Trains

Head to London in style and comfort with Eurostar. Hop on the train at Lille and, in just 1 hour 22 minutes, you’ll be arriving in the heart of Lonson.
Lille to London train

Calais to London Trains

Whether you fancy theatre and shopping, riverside strolls or a simple visit to a favourite landmark – London will not disappoint. 

Calais to London train

Lyon to London Trains

Art, culture, theatre, shopping, parks, Thames banks, it is impossible to resist to London's charm.
Lyon to London train

Marseille to London Trains

By day or night, London is iconic for its sightseeing spots. 

Marseille to London train

Bordeaux to London Trains

After enjoying a wine trip out of town, continue treating yourself on your return to London with a shopping spree or a visit to a famous landmark.  

Bordeaux to London train

Nice to London Trains

London has plenty to offer to fulfil your cultural appetite from world-class museums to classic West-End shows and art galleries. 

Nice to London train

Nantes to London trains

With its world-famous museums, West-End shows and quirky markets, you can never get bored in London

Nantes to London train

Toulouse to London Trains

Relax and enjoy a comfortable trip back to the iconic city of London. 

Toulouse to London train

Trains from Belgium to the UK

Brussels to London Trains

Art and culture, theatre and shopping, leafy parks and riverside strolls – the only tricky bit’s deciding where to start…


Brussels to London Train

Bruges to London Trains

After visiting Bruges' vibrant square, hop on the Eurostar to continue your sightseeing in bustling London. 

Train Bruges to London

Antwerp to London Trains

Hop on the Eurostar to explore the British capital in all its glory.
Antwerp to London train

Trains from the Netherlands to the UK

Rotterdam to London Trains

Experience all the cultural highlights the city of London has to offer. 

Rotterdam to London train

Amsterdam to London Trains

From Buckingham Palace to the colourful district of Camden, there are so many things to explore in the British capital.

Amsterdam to London train

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