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Trains to the Netherlands

City or station
City or station

There’s so much more to the Netherlands than windmills, tulips and cheese. Renowned for being pancake-flat, the Netherlands is a hotbed of world-class art, exciting culture, and forward-thinking architecture. And now, it’s a doddle to get there from London St Pancras International.

Our three-times daily train runs direct from London to Amsterdam via Rotterdam. It takes just 3hrs 52 mins to get to Amsterdam Centraal, and only 3hrs 13 min to get to Rotterdam Centraal.

The train goes direct from city centre to city centre. There’s no hidden charges for luggage or limits on liquids, and with a Eurostar journey from London to Amsterdam emitting 80% less greenhouse gas emissions (per passenger) than the equivalent short-haul flight*, there's never been a better time to take the train.

On the return journey, you’ll need to take a Thalys train from Amsterdam Centraal or Rotterdam Centraal to Brussels-Midi/Zuid.  On arrival at Brussels Midi/Zuid, you’ll need to go through security and have your passport checked before you hop on a Eurostar train back to St Pancras International.

Getting from London to the Netherlands by rail has never been easier. So, sit back, relax and let us whisk you away.

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Travel to the Netherlands and back by Eurostar


Great news: direct trains from the Netherlands back to London are arriving very soon. Trains for London will leave from Amsterdam Centraal and Rotterdam Centraal, and there's no need to change in Brussels.

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With its canals, cobblestone quays, buzzing art scene and kamikaze cyclists, Amsterdam is the perfect city for a weekend of culture, festivals and of course beer.

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With its canals, cobblestone quays, buzzing art scene and kamikaze cyclists, Amsterdam is the perfect city for a weekend of culture, festivals and of course beer.
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*The analysis of Eurostar versus air emissions has been based on an independent analysis by Paul Watkiss Associates Ltd.

The comparison between Eurostar and aviation is made based on the kg of greenhouse gas emissions [CO2(e)] per train journey per passenger for an average single trip (based on the average of the outward and return journey).  This allows a direct, accurate and fair analysis, i.e. a like for like comparison, as it takes account of the fact that rail journeys are typically longer (in km) than equivalent air journeys (so for rail, emissions per passenger journey are higher than emissions per passenger km, when compared to air). 

For the estimation of Eurostar emissions, energy use data (electricity consumption) from Eurostar trains (on scheduled services) has been measured using on-board meters.  The additional electricity losses in the high voltage, rail transmission and distribution systems, i.e. from the power station to the train itself, are also included in the electricity consumption per journey. Load factors (passenger numbers) are based on the latest full year of reported passenger and train data. 

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