e320 train profile view - cropped

Eurostar + Thalys: the future of train travel

Together with Thalys to create the Eurostar Group

We have joined forces with Thalys to offer you a unique international travel experience across five countries.

Together, we share the same raison d'être: connecting Europeans across borders. Today, no train in the world crosses so many borders every day!

In 2023, we will both evolve towards a single brand: Eurostar. So, for a few days now, Thalys has been proudly displaying the words "Member of the Eurostar Group".

Choosing the Eurostar Group also means
  • a responsible journey, generating less CO2 than plane or car
  • an even better seamless experience and comfortable travel, from city centre to city centre
  • new destinations with Thalys taking you to Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, or even to the French Alps

So where would you like to go next?

Coming together

For now, there are no changes to the way you book and travel with Eurostar and Thalys. But in a few months, we will be ready to offer you new services.

We think the coming together of the two companies calls for a celebration.

Make sure you check the Eurostar and Thalys websites to discover the surprises...

Stay tuned and see you soon on board one of our trains!