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Amsterdam Centraal

Stationsplein, 1012 AB Amsterdam

No direct trains from the Netherlands to London from summer 2024 until early 2025

From 15 June until early 2025 there won't be any direct trains from Amsterdam and Rotterdam to London because of major track works at Amsterdam Centraal station.

Don't worry, you can still travel from the Netherlands to London by taking the Eurostar to Brussels-Zuid/Midi, where you'll go through border control and then catch the train to London.

The direct trains will be back up and running early next year, with a bigger terminal for an even better travel experience.

Departing from Amsterdam Centraal station

There are different departure processes at Amsterdam Centraal depending on whether you’re travelling to London or any of our other destinations. You'll find everything you need to know below.

Direct trains to London

When travelling to London on a direct train, your luggage and passport will be checked before you board.

Standard & Standard PremierBusiness PremierSpecial Assist
How long before departure should I arrive? (mins)




How long before departure does the gate close? (mins)




Finding our direct Eurostar trains

The Eurostar departures building is at the end of platform 15b. Follow signs for platform 15, then for London. It's not under the main roof, so keep going along the platform. Keep your ticket handy: our station team will greet you when you arrive.

You'll need to scan your ticket at the NS gates to get to the platform. To prevent accidental charges when using bank cards stored on your phone, store your Eurostar ticket in your mobile wallet or the Eurostar app.

Map of Amsterdam Centraal station (PDF) - Finding our direct Eurostar trains

When to arrive at the Eurostar departures building (direct trains only)

For a smooth departure, please arrive at Eurostar departures at the time recommended on your ticket.

Each of our trains can carry nearly 900 passengers, so there are sometimes queues at busy times. Don't worry though, our station team will be on hand to guide you through the departures process and off on your cross-Channel trip.

Security before boarding a direct train

Once you’ve had your tickets checked, there's a security check for you and your luggage.

Please make sure that you don’t go over the luggage allowance and that you don’t bring anything which is prohibited.

If you have a pacemaker, please inform the security team before going through the metal detector. You may be asked to show your medical device ID card.

The security checks will take place in Brussels-Midi/Zuid if you're travelling to London via Brussels.

Passport/border control when travelling to London

Direct trains: your passport will be checked twice – first by the Dutch authorities and then by the UK Border Force.

Indirect trains: border control checks will take place in Brussels-Zuid/Midi before you change onto the Eurostar to London.

NS International Lounge

Before heading to platform 15b for departure, Business Premier travellers and Carte Blanche holders can relax in the Regus NS International Lounge on platform 2a.

There, you'll find:

  • Comfortable workplaces
  • Free wi-fi
  • Meeting rooms
  • Free soft drinks

Find out more

If you're visiting the NS International Lounge, please make sure you head over to the Eurostar departures building in time for ticket, security and border checks.

Trains to Paris, Brussels, and Antwerp

For the Eurostar to Paris, Brussels and Antwerp, there are no passport or security checks, so you don't need to arrive extra early. However, make sure you have enough time to find the right platform.

Trains to Antwerp, Brussels and Paris from Amsterdam Centraal

Please arrive at the station 20 minutes before your train leaves.

  1. Scan your ticket at the NS gates to get to the platform. To prevent accidental charges when using bank cards stored on your phone, store your Eurostar ticket in your mobile wallet or the Eurostar app.
  2. Check the departure board for your train and find the correct platform.
  3. When the train arrives, get on and find your seat.

To make sure we leave on time, be ready to board five minutes before the scheduled departure.

Travelling to London with a change in Brussels?

Your train will usually depart from platform 15 but check the station screens just to be sure.

Arrive at least 20 minutes before departure, and board your train at least five minutes before it leaves.

Luggage and passport checks will take place in Brussels before you get on your train to London.

Find out more about your departure experience in Brussels-Midi/Zuid - Travelling to London with a change in Brussels?

Booking accessible travel in Amsterdam Centraal

Find everything you need to know about accessible travel, including how to book, help with your luggage, parking and station facilities and much more on our accessible travel page.

More about accessible travel - Booking accessible travel in Amsterdam Centraal

Station details and facilities

· Cafés, shops and supermarkets

· Cash machines

· The NS International ticket office, open daily, 05:45-21:00

· The NS International Lounge, open 07:00–19:00 Monday to Friday and 10:00–18:00 at the weekend

· Luggage storage

· Self-service ticket machines

· Toilets with baby-changing facilities

· Bike rental and storage

You'll need to scan the barcode of your train ticket at the NS gates to enter and exit the station.

Using a mobile ticket?

To avoid accidental charges, don't scan a PDF or screenshot of your Eurostar ticket if your bank cards are stored on your phone. Save your ticket in Apple Wallet or Google Pay Wallet instead, and disable contactless payments (NFC).

The ticket gates can read both ticket barcodes and digital bank cards. Sometimes, they might read a bank card on your phone instead of the ticket barcode, resulting in an incorrect payment of up to €20.

If you're charged in error, visit the OVpay website to find out how to get a refund.

Tickets issued by other carriers may not have a barcode, so you'll need to speak to a member of staff or press the (i) button next to the ticket gates for assistance.

The station is easily accessed on foot, by bike or by public transport. Car parking is discouraged as most of the city centre is closed to car traffic.

Plan your journey

If you're continuing your journey within the Netherlands, you'll find trains to every corner of the country departing from Amsterdam Centraal.

Plan your journey

If you lose (or find) something on board or at the station, speak to a member of staff at the lost and found located in the east tunnel, or follow signs to the lost and found office.

You can find out more about lost property on the NS website (Dutch Railways).

Practical info

Address: Stationsplein, 15 1012 AB, Amsterdam

Phone number: +31 (0)30 751 51 55

Facilities: Car park, bike park, luggage lockers, shops and restaurants

Public transport: On Eurostar trains to Belgium and France, you can buy your ticket for public transport at the Eurostar Café, at the same price as buying a single ticket at the ticket desk.

Search for journey details using public transport in the Netherlands

Car rental: You can take advantage of the Eurostar partnership with Hertz to rent a car.

Airport connections: Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport.

Book a taxi & pick-up service: My Driver

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