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Station – Amsterdam Central - Amsterdam Centraal

Amsterdam Centraal

Stationsplein, 1012 AB Amsterdam

Amsterdam Centraal station is in the heart of the city and is extremely well connected by public transport. It is within walking distance from the popular Jordaan district, canal belt, and the old centre.

Here we’ll guide you through everything you need to know about the station, from when to arrive and the departure process to station facilities and special assistance, plus much more.

Eurostar Departure process from Amsterdam


When to arrive at the Eurostar Departures Building

To ensure you have enough time for all pre-departure steps, please come to the station at the recommended time and not just before the gates close. All of our border and luggage checks take place before you depart, which means you can simply hop off the train when you arrive.

There may be times when you experience queues at the station. This can particularly happen on peak days or when checks take a bit longer. But don’t worry – our staff will be on hand to guide you through the departures process and ensure you board your train.

Standard & Standard PremierBusiness PremierSpecial Assist
How long before departure should I arrive? (mins)




How long before departure does the gate close? (mins)





Entering the station

To access the platforms at Amsterdam Centraal station, you’ll need to scan the barcode on your ticket at the station's ticket gates.

Tickets issued by other carriers may not have a barcode, so you'll need to speak to a member of staff or press the (i) button next to the ticket gates for assistance.

Tip: The ticket gates are sensitive to Apple Pay so barcodes scanned from iPhones might not always work the first time. For easy access, add your ticket in the Eurostar app or print out your ticket beforehand.

  1. Going to the Eurostar departures building

    You’ll find the Eurostar departures building on the far end of platform 15b. Follow signs to platform 15, then follow signs to London.

    On the platform, continue to follow signs to London as the Eurostar departures building isn’t under the station’s main roof.

    At the Eurostar departures building, you’ll be welcomed by our staff so have your ticket ready to be checked.



Once you’ve had your tickets checked by Eurostar staff, there is a security check for you and your luggage.

Please make sure that you don’t go over the luggage allowance and that you don’t bring anything which is prohibited. There are no weight restrictions, as long as you can lift and carry your luggage by yourself.

If you have a pacemaker, please inform the security team before going through the metal detector. You may be asked to show your medical device ID card.


Passport/border control

Your passport will be checked twice – first by the Dutch authorities and then by the UK Border Force.


Eurostar departure lounge

In the Eurostar departure lounge you’ll find the following facilities:

Coffee and tea facility

Vending machines with snacks and cold beverages



Priority seating


NS International Lounge

Before heading to platform 15b for departure, Business Premier ticket holders and Carte Blanche travellers can relax in the Regus NS International Lounge on platform 2a where you’ll find the following facilities:

Comfortable workplaces

Free wi-fi

Meeting rooms

Free (non-alcoholic) drinks

Find out more about the facilities and opening times at Regus NS International Lounge.

Make sure you head over to the Eurostar departures building in time for ticket, security and border checks.


Special assistance at the station

If you’re travelling with a disability or reduced mobility, free special assistance is there to help you get to and from the train. You must pre-book at least 48 hours before you’re due to travel for guaranteed assistance.

You’ll find everything you need to know about Special Assistance such as how to book, help with your luggage, parking and station facilities and much more on our Special Assistance page.

Station details and facilities

Are you travelling on Thalys with a Eurostar connection in Brussels?

You’ll have two tickets – one for Thalys and one for Eurostar. You can board your Thalys train from platform 15 up to 2 minutes before departure so there’s no need to turn up too early. Check the departure screens on the day as the platform might have changed.

Once at Brussels-Zuid/Midi, you’ll go through the Eurostar departure process for your onward journey to London. Find out more about the departure process at Brussels Zuid/Midi.

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