Join us for a virtual reality adventure

Step on board and prepare for the extraordinaire, as we take you on a virtual reality adventure to the bottom of the Channel.

Dive into Eurostar Odyssey and explore the wonderful world beneath the waves on board our underwater train. Here’s un petit taster of what you can expect. 

Join the adventure

You can embark on a Eurostar Odyssey on board all of our new trains travelling between London and Paris, Lille or Brussels.

    • Underwater wonders

      Our journey begins in the Oceanarium, a world that’s teeming with life. Keep your eyes peeled and see how many creatures you can collect for your explorer’s log.

      Our next stop is the mysterious HMS Victory, the forerunner to Nelson’s famous flagship. Look out for Esther the octopus, who fiercely guards its hidden treasure.

      Finally, it’s a deep dive down to the Abyss, where the most magical sea life shines through the darkness.

    • Meet Esther

      For the latest from the seafloor, follow our resident octopus @EstherOdyssey on Twitter or look out for #EurostarOdyssey.

    • Tunnel trivia

      - At its deepest, the Channel Tunnel is 82 yards under water.

      - It’s about 31 miles long – that's the equivalent of nearly 170 Eiffel Towers stacked on top of each other.

      - Trains speeding underwater to Paris and Brussels are only below the Channel for about 20 minutes.

How it works