For journeys to The Netherlands, Germany and Any Belgian Station.

Connecting in Brussels Midi/Zuid

On arrival in Brussels with Eurostar you can transfer to a Thalys or Deutsche Bahn ICE train to travel onward to the Netherlands and Germany, or hop on a local train to other cities in Belgium. You'll find all the information you need to make your connection in Brussels below and you can also download our easy to follow guide to connecting at Brussels Midi/Zuid.

 From the Eurostar platform:

- Take the main exit at the far end of the platform and go down to the main part of the station.

- Check the departure board for your connecting train (Thalys and ICE usually leave from platforms 3,4, 5 and 6)

- If you’re travelling to the Netherlands or Germany, mandatory security checks are now taking place for Thalys and ICE trains leaving Brussels-Midi/Zuid station. Your ticket, ID and luggage will be checked before you’re able to go to the platform.

- When you get to the station, head straight to the Thalys information desk. You’ll find it on the right after the Eurostar check-in area and the SNCB ticket office.

- If you miss your connection, the SNCB ticket office team will be happy to help.

On the way back:

- Go to the main station area on the ground floor

- You'll find the Eurostar check-in under platforms 1 and 2 (opposite Sam’s Café)

- Get to the Eurostar check-in at least 30 minutes before departure, 10 minutes if you’re travelling Business Premier.

 If you miss your Eurostar, Thalys or ICE connection because of delays with your previous high-speed service, don’t worry. Speak to the train manager before you leave the train and they’ll help you get the next available train.