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Coronavirus and Eurostar services – last updated 16 June 2021

You must follow specific rules and complete mandatory forms in order to travel. Our teams are legally required to check COVID-19 documents and may refuse travel to anyone without the correct forms. You must comply with all the travel rules in place in our destination countries, even if you’ve been vaccinated, and you’ll need to wear a mask at the station and on board.

My journey Forms required? Proof of vaccination accepted?* COVID-19 test required?
Travel to the UK Yes No Yes
Travel to France Yes Yes Yes
Travel to Belgium Yes No   Yes*
Travel to the Netherlands Yes No Yes
*Find out more about quarantine rules in the ‘Essential info’ section below.
**Belgium residents travelling back to Belgium do not need to take a test before travel.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that your reason for travel is permitted by the country you are visiting, as the rules differ for each destination.

As regulations can change at short notice, please ensure you check the latest official government information of your departure and arrival destination before travelling and read the ‘Travel’ sections below.

Essential information before you go

Travel to the UK

IMPORTANT: France, Belgium and the Netherlands are classed as amber countries. Also, if you have been in or through a ‘red list’ country in the 10 days prior to your arrival in the UK you will not be permitted to travel by Eurostar to the UK. The UK Government has implemented new entry rules for people travelling from a red list country, including requiring travel via a designated airport and mandatory hotel quarantine. Find out more



Everyone* entering England from overseas (including UK nationals and residents) must provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken within 3 days prior to direct departure to England. Your test result must be in either English, French or Spanish.

Fill in your Passenger Locator Form up to 48 hours before arrival. You must declare all countries you have visited or transited through in the 10 days prior to your arrival on your Passenger Locator Form.

Before departure check the list of red, amber and green countries, as the list can change regularly.


Red list passengers

1. Book a managed quarantine package

2. Complete a passenger locator form

You can only enter if you are a British or Irish National, or you have residence rights in the UK. You must enter through a designated port of entry and quarantine in a government approved hotel for 10 days.


Amber list passengers

1. Book tests for day 2 and 8**

2. Complete a passenger locator form

3. Make plans to self-quarantine in private accommodation for 10 full days after arrival (or full duration of stay if less than 10 days)


Green list passengers

1. Book a test for day 2

2. Complete a passenger locator form


These measures apply to all persons (including UK nationals and residents) arriving in the UK from outside the common travel area comprising the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands. The British Overseas Territories are not in the common travel area. Public health requirements may vary depending upon in which nation of the UK you’re staying.


Northern Ireland: https://www.nidirect.gov.uk/articles/coronavirus-covid-19-international-travel-advice

Scotland: https://www.gov.scot/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-international-travel-quarantine/pages/overview/

Wales: https://gov.wales/arriving-wales-overseas

Failure to comply with these measures is a criminal offence and you could be fined. There are a limited set of exemptions from these measures. Check the list of exemptions carefully. You may be fined if you fraudulently claim an exemption.


Exemptions from one or more of the COVID-related travel restrictions

Some people are exempt from some or all COVID-19 travel and entry requirements because of their job but will be required to show evidence, otherwise, there is a risk of being fined by the authorities. Read more

Official UK rules state that negative COVID-19 test certificates will only be accepted in English, French or Spanish. Please check that your test certificate is in one of these languages and clearly shows all the required information listed here

All passengers are still required to quarantine on arrival in the UK from France, Belgium and the Netherlands.


From 31 May all passengers must carry a printed and completed version of the Certificate to leave Metropolitan France.

*Applies to everyone age 11 years and above.

**Applies to everyone age 5 years and above. You must ensure the test provider you choose is on the UK government list, otherwise, the test will not meet the required standards. You can book a day 2 & 8 COVID test package with our recognised partner here You can also book the Test to Release here.


Travel to France

IMPORTANT: From 9 June there are new rules for passengers travelling to France. Please read below to find out more.

AM I ALLOWED TO TRAVEL? EU nationals (including EU expats living in the UK) are allowed to travel to France but will need to quarantine unless fully vaccinated. They must also have a negative COVID test and fill in mandatory forms.

Non-EU nationals (including UK citizens) whose main residence is not in France will either need:

  • a compelling reason to travel to France from the UK as stated in the Travel Certificate below in the ‘What documents do I need’ section.
  • or proof of being fully vaccinated.

Visit the French Consulate website for more details and the latest information about restrictions in France.

DO I NEED A COVID-19 TEST? All passengers travelling to Paris or Lille must provide either a negative PCR COVID-19 test taken less than 72 hours before travel or an antigen test taken less than 48 hours before travel. Find out more official details.
•        PCR coronavirus tests at St Pancras Int’l: You can now get a PCR coronavirus test at St Pancras International* Find out more info and book your test here.


All passengers travelling from the UK – regardless of their nationality or if they’ve been fully vaccinated must carry a printed and completed Statement of honour.

If you haven't been fully vaccinated you must carry a printed and completed version of these two forms:

When entering France: Travel certificate to Metropolitan France.
When leaving France: Certificate to leave Metropolitan France.

WILL I NEED TO QUARANTINE? Passengers travelling from the UK must self-isolate for 7 days unless fully vaccinated, then take another PCR test following this period of self-isolation

Travel to Belgium


  • If you’re a UK citizen or a non-EU national: You can only travel to Belgium for essential reasons. Find out more.
  • If you’re a Belgian resident or an EU national: Non-essential travel is permitted but not encouraged. Find out more.
  • If you're not a Belgian resident or national and have been in Brazil, India or South Africa in the preceding 14 days before travelling to Belgium, you will not be allowed to enter Belgium. This also applies if you’re transiting through Belgium to/from another country.

IMPORTANT: Please consult the Belgian government's official coronavirus information website for the latest guidelines and information regarding lockdown and local restrictions.


If you are a Belgium resident:

  • You do not need to take a PCR test before you travel
  • Belgian residents returning from a “red zone” (including the UK) and having stayed there for more than 48 hours must be tested on arrival
  • After filling in a Passenger Locator Form, passengers will get a text inviting them to go to a test centre.

If you are not a Belgium resident:

  • All non-residents aged six and over must take a negative PCR test no more than 72 hours before arriving in Belgium, regardless of their nationality. Antigen tests are not acceptable
  • You will be refused entry if you fail to comply with these restrictions. You will be responsible for any associated costs


  • ALL passengers aged 16 and over (regardless of citizenship or residency)  are legally required to complete a Passenger Locator Form online. The form must be completed online up to 48 hours of departure.


  • Anyone returning to Belgium after a stay of at least 48 hours in a “red zone” (including the UK) will have to quarantine for 10 days. The quarantine can only be shortened by getting a negative PCR test on the seventh day of quarantine. Exceptions apply. 

Travel to the Netherlands

AM I ALLOWED TO TRAVEL? The Netherlands has added the UK to its list of ‘high-risk’ countries. Dutch citizens, residents and EU nationals are allowed to travel. However, non-EU nationals, including British citizens, are not permitted to travel from the UK to the Netherlands by the Dutch government (unless exempt). Please visit the Dutch government website for more information.

DO I NEED A COVID-19 TEST? All customers aged 13 years and above need to have proof of a negative PCR COVID-19 test taken less than 72 hours before travel. Find out more official details.

WHAT DOCUMENTS DO I NEED? All customers travelling to the Netherlands will need to carry a printed quarantine self-declaration form. If you fail to do so, you could be fined €95.

WILL I NEED TO QUARANTINE? If you are travelling to the Netherlands from the UK, you will need to self-isolate for 10 days on arrival. See here for more information. There are some exemptions to the quarantine rule. You can also finish your quarantine early by taking a test on day 5. 

COVID-19 testing options

We’re working with London Medical Laboratory to give you access to a range of COVID-19 testing options at a preferential price*. You’ll need to book your test in advance online
London Medical Laboratory meets the required UK government standards for testing packages.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you check the official travel rules for your destination for mandatory travel testing guidelines. Our Travel to sections above are also here to help you prepare for your trip.  

London Medical Laboratory

Eurostar customer discount: already applied to the products on their website. 

Where to find them?  At their St Pancras International Station Clinic within the EuroDespatch area (you'll see a map to locate them on their website). Kings Cross Clinic - 104-106 Judd Street, London WC1H 9PU (10 minutes’ walk from St Pancras International) and other locations available on their website. Please check carefully their opening hours on their website for click and collect and clinic appointments. 

What type of tests are available? PCR, antigen, UK package Day 2 and 8, test to release – day 5 and more.

What collection options are available? Postal option (available in the UK only), click and collect, clinic appointment. 

Coronavirus tests are being offered in partnership with London Medical Laboratory and are not a Eurostar product or service. Eurostar is not responsible for the quality of tests, the length of time it takes to get your results and any other matters related to the testing (e.g. effect this has on your ability to travel).

*Except for the mandatory PCR testing on day two and eight of quarantine which is set at fixed price.  

Vaccinated Passengers

Fully vaccinated passengers can now visit France without needing to self-isolate upon arrival or requiring an essential reason to travel. Belgium has announced that it’ll follow a similar approach from 1 July

What counts as ‘fully vaccinated’? 

  • You must have proof that you’ve received your full vaccine course.
  • If you’ve had a Pfizer, AstraZeneca or Moderna jab, your second dose must be at least two weeks before you travel.
  • If you’ve had the Johnson & Johnson jab, your shot must’ve been at least four weeks before you travel.

Will I need any other paperwork?

As well as proof of your vaccination, you’ll need to take a pre-departure test and to fill in mandatory forms. Check the 'Travel to' sections for more details.