The Christmas market in Strasbourg in France is the oldest market in the country, dating back to 1570 so it’s no surprise that the city considers itself the capital of Christmas.

The Christmas markets in Strasbourg take place every year from the last week in November to the end of December. The town gets taken over by all things Christmassy. Shop windows are transformed into winter wonderlands and the streets are decorated with twinkling lights and festive garlands.

The Christmas markets in Strasbourg spreads out across the centre of the town, focused around Cathedral square and Place Broglie where hundreds of stalls sell ornaments, toys, food and mulled wine to keep you warm as you browse.

Discover the magic of Christmas in Strasbourg. From London St Pancras Int’l, with a quick change in Paris, Strasbourg Christmas market is the perfect destination for a bit of Christmas shopping. This year the Strasbourg Christmas market 2022 runs from 21 November to 23 December 2022, so get planning now.

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The Christmas market in Strasbourg is made up of smaller, individual markets in different squares and streets across the Grand Ile.


Christkindelsmärik: the main event, craftsmen demonstrate their skill and sell their wares on Place Broglie and around the Cathedral.

Small producers of Alsace market: Small local growers and producers set up their stalls in Place des Meuniers for this delightful market of Alsatian tastes and flavours.

Christmas treats market: food, wine and beer from local bakers, wine producers and brewers at Place du Marché-aux-poissons, around the Palais Rohan.

Children’s World: Place Saint Thomas, great for families.

Christmas food to try

Christmas is where Strasbourg’s cuisine really come into its own. Heavy, warming food is perfect for this time of year and the sugar hit will keep your energy high for hours of shopping in the different markets.

Street food to try from the stands:

Bretzels – soft, bready pretzels

Bredeles – delicious little spiced biscuits in the shape of stars

Knacks – sausages of all sizes and descriptions

Pain d’epices – ginger bread – like a more subtle, firmer version of ginger cake

Vin chaud – mulled wine perfumed with spices and fruit – yum!


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