London offers the perfect weekend getaway for those who want to unwind and see a bit of the city. But once you've ticked off Tower Bridge, Tate Modern and the South Bank – what do you do next? Thankfully you'll never get bored as the city is full of amazing brunch places, quirky bars, scenic views and more. 

We've compiled a list of fun places for you and your friends to check out in the city. 

10 cool ideas for a fun weekend

    • Indulge in huge pancakes at My Old Dutch

      Add this scrumptious pancake place to your list of places to go to in London. Rickety tables aside, My Old Dutch offers a choice of savoury and sweet pancakes – and milkshakes are on the menu too. Make sure you leave plenty of room in your stomach though as the pancakes are huge. If your stay falls on a Monday, check out the "Monday Madness" offer on classic sweet and savoury pancakes. 

    • Learn to dance like Beyoncé at Frame

      Bored of your usual aerobics class and want to strut some moves to Beyoncé? Bring your girl friends to a dance workshop at fitness studio Frame and by the end of the 90-minutes, we guarantee you will feel confident enough to star in your own music video. Each workshop focuses on a particular artist or band and teaches slick routines to your favourite songs. The workshops change regularly so look out for the one you would be interested in joining.  

      And don’t worry about making a fool of yourself – the class welcomes all levels and abilities. 

    • Get the arcade experience at Four Thieves

      Sometimes it can be hard to decide where to go for an evening out. Games first and then drinks afterwards? With the Four Thieves pub you get everything in one place. This pub is unique for lots of reasons: it has its own on-site brewery, 350 variations of gin and tonic as well as an entire arcades section. From remote-controlled car racing to crazy golf and an escape room, you’ll be busy for hours. The variety of entertainment on offer makes this a special pub experience in London.

    • Crazy golf at Swingers

      If you want a fun indoor golf experience in the heart of London, Swingers has it. With two nine-hole courses – The Windmill and The Lighthouse – as well as three street food vendors and five cocktail bars, you will have everything you will need for a great night out. The interior is based on a quintessential English country golf club in the 1920s surrounded by luscious trees and wildflowers – all adding to the crazy experience.

    • Enjoy awesome views at Sky Garden

      With free entry, the Sky Garden at the top of the Walkie Talkie tower at 20 Fenchurch Street is a must-see for its stunning views of London. Booking a slot in advance is strongly advised – as the last-minute walk-in queues on busy nights can last an hour or longer. If you want to celebrate a birthday or another major milestone, you can reserve the Sky Pod Sofas with a window location or private VIP areas with a minimum spend requirement.

    • Become a crime scene investigator

      If you’re a fan of tv shows Dexter and Mindhunter, then the Crime Scene Live night at the Natural History Museum will be a natural fit for you. As a detective, you’ll work on a case and try to work out how the crime occurred. Walking around the museum late at night is heaps of fun. It’s educational too; throughout the night you will be meeting real forensic experts and learning how to decode blood splatter patterns, analyse fingerprints and even determine time of death.

      The night can get quite gory in certain parts – so the more squeamish of you beware. Also, don’t wear your favourite clothes (in case of fake blood spillage) and wear comfy shoes because you’ll be walking a lot. 

    • Hit bullseye at Flight Club

      Not to be confused with the movie Fight Club, this bar puts a cool spin on the darts game with a system to accurately track the precision of your darts. The fun part is getting your pizza and cocktails delivered directly to your own oche (personal area) leaving you to concentrate on the game-playing. And if you fancy continuing the night, you can book a cabin in the Magic Gardens or head to The Potting Shed on the terrace. There's also opportunities to enter tournaments and compete in Quackshot Social Roll-Up for prizes. 

    • Bounce in 1 million balls at Ballie Ballerson

      Become a giant kid for one night at this adult ball pit cocktail bar. Featuring over one million balls and a bar serving retro cocktails, it’s a great spot to celebrate a birthday or just have a party. The in-house cocktails are pretty special too; bubble-gum and skittles are a few of the flavours with the ‘Dibbie Dabberson’ being a favourite. Oh, and the entire bar is surrounded by a 70-metre glowing UV mural. Just remember to strap on your phone; you don't want to be rummaging for it in all those balls. 

    • Walk in the footsteps of Jack the Ripper

      Unidentified serial killer Jack the Ripper caused a stir in the 1880s with a series of brutal murders in Whitechapel, London. Taking a tour to see the murder sites is a great (and gruesome way) to spend your evening and get acquainted with the now infamous London neighbourhood. Pick your tour wisely though – some tour guides bring projectors to help bring the past back to life. Others have written books on the killer, so history buffs with a real interest in the case might want to consider this option.

    • Tour the Harry Potter Studio

      Harry Potter fans will love this behind the scenes look at all the work that went into creating the ‘magic’ seen in the Harry Potter movies. From props, costumes and even the Golden Snitch; it is a fun day out if you want to do something a bit different. Walk through the Forbidden Forrest leading to the lair of the terrifying Aragog and take to the skies on the magic broomstick. You don't have to be a die-hard fan to enjoy this experience as there's plenty of activities to keep you occupied. 

    • Take a dip with Hot Tug

      London might not (thermal) spring to mind when you think of outdoor bathing, but then Hot Tug is more than just a dip in a warm bath. Suitable for groups of up to seven, this floating tub is pumped with hot water before you jump in and set sail for 75 minutes. Not only are there two water-based London locations, but it’s BYOB – as long as you have a designated captain to steer the ship.

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