Brussels City Breaks

Brussels city breaks

The jewel in the crown of Belgium, its divine capital

Although Brussels is relatively small, it still buzzes with creativity and charm.

Cultural Attractions

The Magritte Museum is an obvious choice for many; this renowned museum showcases some of the most celebrated of his works. For a more unusual yet compelling experience, discover the Cinematek, a museum that takes a nostalgic look back to the 'golden age' of cinema.

Savour Belgian Chocolate

Belgian chocolate is world famed, and Brussels is home to some of the finest chocolate around. Perhaps buy from Pierre Marcolini, a gourmet chocolatier whose creations are particularly highly sought after.


Brussels also has a thriving music scene. Make the most of its diverse and numerous forms of live music as you unwind with a drink in the evening. Do not make the mistake of bypassing this small yet alluring city.


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