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Important: Check COVID-19 travel requirements and complete documents before you go. From Tuesday 30 November, testing and self-isolation requirements will change for passengers arriving into the UK. Check here for more information .


Satisfy your appétit in the departure lounge and on board.

Important: Please note that due to government regulations, our catering services on our trains and at our stations might be different in each of our destination countries and may change at short notice.
    • Standard

      If you get a little peckish en route, head to our onboard bar buffet Café Métropole. We serve a range of snacks, light bites, and sweet treats as well as a selection of hot and cold drinks. You’ll find Café Métropole near the middle of our trains and we accept both cash and cards.

      See our Café Métropole menu here

    • Standard Premier

      Whatever time of day you travel in Standard Premier, you’ll be served a light meal and drinks at your seat.

        Standard Premier meal timetable – London, Paris & Brussels
          Departures from SPI    Departures from PNO and BMI 
        Breakfast    Before 09:59    Before 10:29 
        Rest of the day    After 10:00    After 10:30 
    • Business Premier

      We design our Business Premier menus with Michelin-starred chef Raymond Blanc OBE, who brings over 30 years of experience to the table. Each meal is made up of delectable dishes crafted for the time of day, served alongside hot and cold drinks. 

      Business Premier meal timetable – London, Paris & Brussels
        Departures from SPI Departures from PNO and BMI
      Breakfast Before 09:59 Before 09:59
      Brunch - 10:00 - 10:29
      Lunch 10:00 - 16:59 10:30 - 17:29
      Dinner After 17:00 After 17:30


    • Business Premier Lounges

      If you're travelling in Business Premier or you're a member of Carte Blanche, you can enjoy something light at the Business Premier lounge before boarding. We serve a selection of drinks and snacks suited to the time of day – from fresh pastries and coffee to our own Toujours 21 gin and canapés.

    • Champagne en route

      Whether you’re whisking someone away for a romantic weekend, a special occasion, or you just want to start your holiday with a pop, you can order a bottle of chilled champagne for your journey.  If you are travelling in Business Premier or Standard Premier your bottle will be delivered to your seat. If you are travelling on Standard you can collect your bottle from Café Métropole.

      Duval Leroy champagne

      75cl bottle – £44

Additional information

Dietary requirements

If you have special dietary requirements, you can change your Standard Premier or Business Premier meal before you travel.

Special meals

   - Vegetarian

   - Kosher

  -  Halal

   - Vegan

   - Diabetic

   - Low fat

   - Low salt

   - Gluten free

   - Child meal

   - Dairy free

To choose your meal, log in to Manage a booking and go to change your meal. We need 24 hours’ notice for vegetarian and kid’s meals and 48 hours’ notice for every other meal.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a nut-free meal on board our trains.

Children's meals

Child-friendly options are available at Café Métropole, our onboard bar buffet. We don't sell baby food but we're happy to help by warming it up at Café Métropole.


Please keep in mind

• We'll always do our best to give you the meal you'd prefer, although we cannot guarantee that your first choice will be available.

• If you have specific dietary requirements, you can request special meals in our Manage a booking section. Just make sure you give us at least 48 hours' notice.

• Meals aren’t served on journeys between Brussels, Lille and Calais.

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