Paris for lovers

Paris is the number one destination when it comes to honeymooning and romantic trips. A walk on Pont des Arts and a stroll down the Champs-Elysees might be what attracts thousands each year, but it’s certainly not the only way to spend a love-filled getaway à la Parisienne.

Instead, have a drink by Hotel Grand Amour’s fireplace, grab a café at Shakespeare & Co, and enjoy dinner in a secret courtyard garden.

Romantic (but not clichéd) places for lovers

  • Grand Amour Hotel

    18 Rue de la Fidélité, Paris 75010

    Although it has a romantic name, there is nothing cheesy about Hotel Grand Amour. The retro rooms, hip bar and bohemian atmosphere make this super chic ‘love hotel’ the perfect nest for those seeking a tender getaway without the cringe.

  • Little Red Door

    60 Rue Charlot, Paris 75003

    A cocktail bar inspired by the American Prohibition, this modern speakeasy welcomes those who want to enjoy classic drinks or innovative creations, whilst staying away from prying eyes…

  • Le Bistrot des Dames

    18 Rue des Dames, Paris 75017

    A hidden gem in the busy 17th arrondissement, Le Bistrot des Dames, the restaurant at the Eldorado Hotel, offers French and Italian specialties in a secret garden, open during both summer and winter.

  • Shakespeare & Co

    37 Rue de la Bûcherie, Paris 75005

    Feel free to wander around the tiny alleys, listen to strangers playing the piano and have a slice of Lemon Pie at the café right next to the shop, overlooking Notre Dame and the Seine.

  • Le Derrière

    69 rue des Gravilliers, Paris 75003

    Le Derriere (‘behind’, in English) welcomes locals and tourists with its warm décor inspired by a bohemian Parisian apartment. Pick either the living-room, the bedroom or the kitchen to enjoy an exquisite lobster whilst cozying up to your loved one on the comfy sofas.

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