From our brand new fleet to what’s in the pipeline.

Our fleet

We have a total of 27 trains running between the UK and France and Belgium, as well as 3 used on domestic services in France.

Of those, 12 are brand new e320 trains from Siemens that have been designed by Pininfarina, the Italian design house behind Ferrari's unique style.

Explore our new trains

Our fleet tomorrow

We’ve invested £700 million in creating a new fleet of trains. Our current trains are getting a makeover, with refurbishment due to be complete in 2015. We’ve also ordered 10 brand new trains from Siemens, due to arrive around the same time. Both the refurbished and new trains are based on a design created by Pininfarina, the world-famous Italian design house that creates Ferrari’s unique style. Our brand new trains will have 20% more seats (a total of 900) and we’re confident that they’ll present the ultimate in design, comfort and service. We’re happy to announce that the development of our new and improved trains is going very well, with some of them already undergoing trials at our dedicated test centre in Wildenrath, Germany before they progress to the full on-track testing, certification and approvals stage. Watch this space for more details.

Image credits: © eurostar