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Celebrating 25 years of Eurostar

25 Years of Eurostar

We're celebrating 25 Years of Eurostar!


14 November 2019, is a very special birthday for Eurostar – we have turned 25!

Thanks to a revolutionary feat of engineering achieved by 13,000 workers, our undersea tunnel - the longest in the world - was opened in 1994. Since that date, we have carried over 200 million passengers and counting.

To mark this special occasion, we've been getting all misty-eyed with nostalgia while looking back at your favourite moments of travelling with Eurostar – from meeting your future partners to taking your daughter on her first family trip. We’ve also put together a photo book with highlights from the past 25 years of Eurostar, which you can read at Eurostar25.com.

To top it off, just in case you think you know everything about us, we have some fun facts that will blow your mind.

Of course, a celebration wouldn’t be a celebration without a special cake – so we have compiled a list of the perfect pâtisseries for you to indulge in.


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Our Eurostar trains used to depart from Waterloo International until we moved our services in 2007. St. Pancras International became our new home and we have now been based in St. Pancras for 12 years.

Here is a picture of our train leaving Waterloo in 1995:

Waterloo station

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