Terms and Conditions



Club Eurostar is the loyalty programme offered by Eurostar to reward its frequent travellers.


1. Definitions


The following definitions apply to these terms and conditions:


Anytime Ticket” has the meaning set out in paragraph 7.1 of these terms and conditions.


Club Eurostar” means the loyalty programme operated by Eurostar;


Eurostar Contact Centre” means Eurostar’s contact centre. Information on how to get in touch with the Eurostar Contact Centre is published on the Eurostar website at eurostar.com/uk-en/contact-us/eurostar-contact-details


Club Eurostar Shop” means the online shop, hosted and administered by Collison Latitude, features a range of products that can be purchased by Members in exchange for Points.


Club Level” means a Membership level within Club Eurostar;


Compensation Points” means Points awarded by Eurostar to Members by way of compensation for occurrences such as delays or cancellations of Eurostar services;


Eurostar” means Eurostar International Limited, incorporated under the laws of the United Kingdom with registered offices at Times House, Bravingtons Walk, London, N1 9AW, United Kingdom;


Member” and “Membership” means a member or membership of the Club Eurostar Programme. Members and Membership are categorised by Club Level;


Membership Card” and “Card” means the Club Eurostar membership card issued by Eurostar, either in digital or physical format;


Membership Year” means, for each individual Member, the 12 month period starting on the date on which that Member joined Club Eurostar, and each subsequent 12 month period;


Partner” means an organisation which provides services, benefits or Points to Members;


Points” means the points credited to a Member’s account in return for activity with Eurostar and/or its Partners;


Qualifying Points” means Points earned from Eurostar travel which count towards Club Level progression. Unless specifically provided by Eurostar, bonus Points, Points transferred to a Member by another Member, Compensation Points (or Points earned through Partners) are not Qualifying Points ;


Qualifying Journey” means a journey on Eurostar services which counts towards Club Level progression;


Reward Ticket” means a Eurostar train ticket (either an Anytime Ticket or a Value Ticket) issued by Eurostar in exchange for Points.; and


Value Ticket” has the meaning set out in paragraph 7.1 of these terms and conditions.



2. Membership eligibility


2.1. If you apply for Membership, you are deemed to have read and accepted these terms and conditions.


2.2. Eurostar’s Conditions of Carriage apply to travel on Eurostar services. The Conditions of Carriage are available at all Eurostar points of sale and on the Eurostar website at eurostar.com/uk-en/conditions-carriage.


2.3. Subject to conditions governing the travel of unaccompanied minors and guardian approval as set out in Eurostar’s Conditions of Carriage, Membership is open to individuals aged 4 years and over.


2.4. The application process must be completed by the potential Member him/herself, unless the potential Member is a minor, in which case the minor’s parent or legal guardian must complete the application process and agree the Membership terms and conditions on the minor’s behalf.


2.5. You may only apply for Membership as an individual in your full legal name. Membership is not available to entities such as companies or associations.


2.6. Applications for Membership must be made through eurostar.com. Disabled persons or people with reduced mobility may apply through the Eurostar Contact Centre if they are unable to apply online.


2.7. Eurostar reserves the right to carry out all reasonable checks to validate the information you provide during the Membership application process.


2.8. Following acceptance of your application for Membership by Eurostar, you shall receive a Membership number and instructions for creating a password allowing you access to your online Membership account. You will be able to access your digital Membership Card through the Eurostar mobile app. Depending on your Club Level, you may also receive a physical Membership Card.


2.9. You must notify Eurostar of any changes to your personal information as soon as possible by updating your account on eurostar.com. If you have changed your name, you must notify the Eurostar Contact Centre in writing of your new name and provide valid proof of the change.

2.10. You may only hold one Membership account at any one time.

3. Transition to Club Eurostar loyalty program


3.1. If you were a member of one of Eurostar’s historic loyalty programmes, you were transitioned automatically to the Club Eurostar programme as follows:

3.1.1. Plus Points members became Classique Members of the Club Eurostar programme. Points accrued by Plus Points members before the launch date of Club Eurostar (“Launch Date”) were converted into e-vouchers for travel on Eurostar’s services, provided the Plus Points member had more than 70 points.

3.1.2. Frequent Traveller Carte Classique members became Avantage members of the Club Eurostar Programme and Carte Blanche members retained their Carte Blanche status. Points accrued by Frequent Traveller members before the launch date were converted to Club Eurostar Points at a rate of 1:1.

3.1.3. Subject to the above provisions, if you were transitioned from either the Plus Points programme or the Frequent Traveller programme to Club Eurostar, you will retain your new Club Level for a period of at least one year from the Launch Date.


3.2. If you have a Frequent Traveller membership card, you will be able to use your card for the Club Eurostar programme until the expiry date stated on your card, following which you will receive a Club Eurostar Membership Card.


4.  Club Levels


4.1. Your Club Level will be determined by the number of Qualifying Points you have earned and/or the number of Qualifying Journeys you have completed within the previous Membership Year. The requirements to achieve and maintain the Classique, Avantage or Carte Blanche Club Levels are set out on eurostar.com. Subject to paragraph 3.1 of these terms and conditions, all new Members will join Club Eurostar at the Classique Club Level.


4.2. You will be moved to a lower Club Level at the beginning of a new Membership Year if, during the previous Membership Year, you have not met the criteria required to maintain your Club Level. You will be notified of any change to your Club Level within a reasonable timeframe.


4.3. Provided you meet the applicable criteria, you can upgrade to the next Club Level at any time during your Membership Year. You will retain your new Club Level for at least the remainder of that Membership Year plus the following Membership Year.


4.4. At the end of each Membership Year, the Qualifying Points and Qualifying Journeys do not carry over to the following membership year to maintain your Club Level. However, Members can spend their Points in accordance with these terms and conditions.



5. Earning Points


Earning Points on Eurostar train tickets


5.1. Unless otherwise specified in these terms and conditions, as a Member, you will earn 1 Point for each £1 spent on Eurostar services. You will not earn Points for any applicable fees such as reallocation fees or registered luggage fees.


5.2. If you make a booking in a currency other than Pounds Sterling, an equivalent number of points will be awarded via a conversion to Pounds Sterling based on an exchange rate provided by Rail Manche Finance E.E.I.G. and updated on a monthly basis.


5.3. As a Member, you will earn Points for every Eurostar ticket you purchase, subject to the completion of the journey related to the ticket purchased. You will not earn Points for season tickets valid on Eurostar services or for Eurostar SNAP tickets. You will also not earn Points for Reward Tickets , tickets won through competitions or free tickets (e.g. staff bookings). You will only earn Points for your own travel.


5.4. In order to earn Points for travel on Eurostar services, you must provide your Membership number at the time of booking . Alternatively, if you have booked your ticket directly with Eurostar, you may earn Points by adding your Membership number to your booking through your online Membership account within ninety days of making your booking. Points will be credited to your Membership account automatically following completion of your journey.


5.5. If you choose not to travel or miss your train, you will not earn any Points . If you miss your Check-in Time Limit and you are not able to board your train, you will only earn Points if you are reallocated on to the next available train of the day subject to the payment of reallocation fees. More information on Check-in Time Limits and reallocation fees can be found in Eurostar’s Conditions of Carriage. You will not earn Points in the event your train is cancelled but you will earn Points for any replacement journey you take.


5.6. If you believe that your Points balance is incorrect, you must notify Eurostar within ninety days of the relevant date of travel by sending details of the discrepancy and any supporting documentation to the Eurostar Contact Centre.


5.7. If you change your booking to a more expensive fare, you will earn Points for the total amount paid, excluding any applicable fees.


5.8 If you have used a Eurostar voucher towards the cost of your booking, you will earn Points based on the total value of the ticket purchased. If you have used a Eurostar voucher for the full cost of your booking, you will not earn any points.


5.9 If you book a ticket for a single contract of carriage for travel on the services of Eurostar and a third party carrier (a “Through Ticket” as defined in Eurostar’s Conditions of Carriage), you will earn Points as follows:


5.9.1. If you purchase an “any Belgian Station” ticket or a combined Eurostar and TGV ticket, you will earn Points based on the total ticket price.

5.9.2. If you purchase a combined Eurostar and Thalys, Eurostar and Deutsche Bahn or Eurostar and UK domestic rail ticket, you will earn Points based on the price of the Eurostar portion of the journey only.


5.10. If you purchase a Through Ticket, you must comply with the relevant third party carrier’s conditions of carriage in addition to Eurostar’s Conditions of Carriage.


Earning Points on Eurostar Trains + Hotel Packages


5.11. If you book a Eurostar Train + Hotel package you will earn 1 point for each £2 spent. You will not earn Points for any applicable fees such as reallocation fees or registered luggage fees.


5.12. If you make a Train + Hotel booking in a currency other than Pounds Sterling, an equivalent number of points will be awarded via a conversion to Pounds Sterling based on an exchange rate provided by Rail Manche Finance E.E.I.G. and updated on a monthly basis.


5.13.  Points will only be awarded to the lead passenger on a Train + Hotel booking . Only one membership number can be linked to each booking and the other people on the booking will not be entitled to earn points.


5.14. Points are awarded subject to the completion of the journey related to the ticket purchased. If you choose not to travel, you will not earn any Points.


5.15. You must provide your Membership number at the time of booking. Points cannot be claimed retrospectively for Train + Hotel bookings.


5.16. Any Points you earn from Train + Hotel bookings will not count towards your Club Level.


5.17. You may not spend Points on Train + Hotel bookings.


6. Earning Points with Partners


6.1. You can earn Points with a number of selected Partners that may change from time to time . An updated list of these Partners is available on eurostar.com.


6.2 The award of Points by a Partner is subject to the terms and conditions of the relevant Partner.


6.3. Any Points you earn from a Partner will not count towards your Club Level.


6.4. Points cannot be claimed retrospectively from Partners.


6.5. If you are a member of more than one train loyalty programme, you may not earn points for more than one programme per journey.


7. Spending Points


Spending Points on Eurostar tickets


7.1. You can make requests for Reward Tickets on the Club Eurostar pages of  eurostar.com or by contacting the Eurostar Contact Centre. You will be given the option to choose between either a Value Ticket or an Anytime Ticket in exchange for Points. Anytime Tickets are available in Standard class, Standard Premier class and Business Premier class and can be purchased for travel on any Eurostar service unless that service is sold out. Value Tickets are available in either Standard class or Standard Premier class and have limited availability . More information on Anytime Tickets and Value Tickets is available on the Club Eurostar section on eurostar.com.


7.2. Points will be deducted from your account at the time the Reward Ticket is issued.


7.3. Reward Tickets are available on Eurostar operated services only and are subject to availability.


7.4. You must make any request for Reward Tickets at least one hour before the departure of your chosen Eurostar service and you must comply with your check-in time limit in accordance with Eurostar’s Conditions of Carriage.


7.5. You may exchange your Reward Ticket once before departure at no cost, subject to the provisions set forth below. You may choose to use additional Points to upgrade a Value Ticket to an Anytime Ticket or to upgrade your Reward Ticket to a different class of service, save that Value Tickets are not available for travel in Business Premier class. All changes are subject to availability and, in the case of Reward Ticket changes made by Classique and Avantage Members through the Eurostar Contact Centre, to applicable service fees. Once issued, Reward Tickets are non-refundable. As a result, if you decide not to use your Reward Ticket, the Points you used to obtain your Reward Ticket will not be credited to your Membership account. Reward Tickets cannot be transferred to another person or Member or sold to any third party.


7.6. You will not earn Points for Reward Tickets and journeys taken on Reward Tickets are not considered as Qualifying Journeys.


7.7. In accordance with Eurostar’s Conditions of Carriage, you may carry one child under the age of four with you free of charge on a Reward Ticket, provided the child does not require a seat and is able to sit on your lap.


Spending Points on Eurostar upgrades


7.8. You may use your Points to upgrade an existing paid booking on Eurostar’s services from Standard class to Standard Premier class. In such cases, you will not earn additional Points for the portion related to the upgrade.


Spending Points on Eurostar ticket discounts


7.9. You may use your Points towards a discount on Eurostar tickets booked through eurostar.com.


7.10. Discounted bookings are subject to the usual conditions applicable to the ticket purchased, as described on eurostar.com. If you cancel your booking, you will only receive a refund for the Points used if the ticket you have booked is refundable.  



7.11. Points will be deducted from your Membership account at the time the ticket is issued.


7.12. You will earn Points based on the total value of the ticket purchased.


Spending Points on the Club Eurostar Shop


7.13. If you are an Avantage or Carte Blanche Member, you may use your Points to purchase goods through the Club Eurostar Shop which is subject to the terms and conditions set out at shop.eurostar.com


Spending points with Rail Team Partners


7.14. Avantage and Carte Blanche Members may spend Points on tickets for rail travel on selected routes operated by TGV, TGV Lyria and Thalys (the “Rail Team Partners”). More information on the available routes and how to book reward travel with Rail Team Partners is available on the Rail Team Partners section on eurostar.com.


7.15. Rail Team Partner bookings are subject to availability and are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.


8.  Lounge access


Eurostar lounge access


8.1. If you are a Carte Blanche Member or a Member with a Business Premier ticket , you may access Eurostar’s Business Premier lounges from the applicable check-in opening time on your day of departure.


8.2. You must show your Membership Card and/or a valid ticket in order to gain access to a Eurostar lounge.


8.3. Carte Blanche members may bring one guest into the lounge during the week (Monday to Friday) and up to four guests at weekends (Saturdays and Sundays).


8.4. Members under the age of 18 wishing to use the lounge must be accompanied by an adult at all times.  The adult will count towards the number of guests permitted.


Rail Team lounge access


8.5. If you are a Carte Blanche Member, you can access Rail Team lounges together with a guest on your day of travel upon presentation of your Membership Card and a valid Through Ticket.


8.6. A list of current Rail Team lounge locations can be found at www.railteam.eu.




9. Managing your Points


9.1. You may access your Points balance through your online Membership account. You may also opt in to receive a monthly Points statement via e-mail.


9.2 You may transfer your Points to other Members through your online Eurostar account in multiples of 100 Points up to a maximum of 3000 Points per transfer. You may transfer a maximum of 3000 points to a single Member and 6000 Points in total in a calendar year. You may transfer Points to a maximum of four different Members in a calendar year. You may receive a maximum of 3000 Points from other Members in a calendar year. Any Points transferred to you from another Member will not count towards your Club Level.


9.3. Your Points will expire if you do not earn any eligible Points in a consecutive 24 month period. Eligible P oints are Points earned through purchasing Eurostar tickets, Points earned through a Partner or Compensation Points.


10. Termination of Membership; changes to or cancellation of the Club Eurostar programme


10.1 You may terminate your Membership at any time by closing your account online or by notifying the Eurostar Contact Centre in writing of your decision to terminate your Membership. Any unused Points will be cancelled upon termination of your Membership.


10.2 Eurostar reserves the right to reject your application for Membership, immediately terminate your Membership , cancel Points you have accrued and any unused Reward Tickets you have purchased, disqualify you from future Membership of Club Eurostar or take appropriate legal action if you:

10.2.1. do not meet the criteria required for Membership;

10.2.2. carry out any fraudulent activity in connection with your Membership application or during your Membership; or

10.2.3. commit a breach of these terms and conditions and/or Eurostar’s Conditions of Carriage, for instance, if you sell or attempt to sell Reward Tickets to a third party or if you contravene the rules of behaviour set out in paragraph 40 of Eurostar’s Conditions of Carriage.


10.3. In the event of the death of a Member, Eurostar shall close the relevant Member’s account and shall, if requested, transfer any Points outstanding on the Member’s account to an account controlled by the Member’s estate upon presentation of a copy of the Member’s death certificate.


10.4. Eurostar reserves the right to amend, cancel or replace the Club Eurostar programme and/or amend these terms and conditions on reasonable notice to you, as appropriate. You will be deemed to have accepted any changes to the Club Eurostar programme or to these terms and conditions if you continue to use your Membership account, or if you do not raise any written objection to such changes within 30 days of notification of the changes to you. You may terminate your Membership in accordance with paragraph 10.1 if you do not agree to any change to the Club Eurostar programme or to these terms and conditions.


11. Personal data


11.1. Eurostar will administer the Club Eurostar programme in accordance with all applicable data protection laws. Eurostar International Limited shall be the data controller in respect of the personal data you provide in connection with the Club Eurostar programme and shall only process such personal data for the purposes of administering the Club Eurostar programme.


11.2. If you earn Points through a Partner or elect to spend your Points with a third party, Eurostar and the relevant Partner or third party may exchange your personal data in order to facilitate your transaction with that Partner or third party and to ensure your Points balance is correct.


11.3. Your personal data will be retained by Eurostar for as long as you are a Club Eurostar Member or a member of any successor loyalty programme administered by Eurostar. 


11.4. Eurostar will not send any marketing communications to you unless you have consented to receive such communications, or, if you are a minor, unless your parent or legal guardian has consented on your behalf.


12. General


12.1. Except as otherwise provided, Eurostar shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by you as a result of any change to or cancellation of the Club Eurostar programme or these terms and conditions, including where such change or cancellation is effected in order to comply with applicable laws or with the decision of a court of competent jurisdiction.


12.2. Eurostar is not responsible for and accepts no liability for the actions of Partners or third party railway operators, including any changes such Partners or third parties may make to their terms and conditions or the benefits made available to you as a Member .


12.3. Any complaints relating to the Club Eurostar loyalty programme must be addressed to our Traveller Care department in writing (for contact details, see our website eurostar.com/uk-en/contact-us/eurostar-contact-details). We will endeavour to acknowledge receipt of all complaints within one (1) month of receiving them and will provide you with a response to your complaint no later than three (3) months of the date of the complaint. For more information, see our Complaints Handling Procedure at https://content-static.eurostar.com/documents/Complaints_Handling_Procedure.pdf.


If you have submitted a claim to our Traveller Care department but are unsatisfied with the response, or if you have not received any response within three months, you can contact in English or French the Médiateur SNCF Mobilités either online on the following link https://www.sncf.com/sncv1/en/customer-relations/ombudsman/requesting-mediation or by post to: Médiateur SNCF Mobilités, TSA 37701 – 59973 Tourcoing Cedex– France. The applicable rules and procedure when submitting a request to the Médiateur SNCF Mobilité are governed by a Mediation agreement (‘Protocole de médiation’) Eurostar International Limited has entered into. The Protocole de médiation is accessible online on http://www.sncf.com/en/customer-relations/ombudsman/requesting-mediation and in the Médiateur SNCF Mobilités’ annual report.


In addition, a European online dispute resolution (ODR) platform exists to facilitate access to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) for complaints. The platform can be accessed at http://ec.europa.eu/odr and claims submitted to the platform will be addressed in accordance with Regulation EU 524/2013.


12.4. To the extent permitted by local laws, these terms and conditions and all non-contractual obligations arising from them or connected with them will be governed by English law, and any person bringing an action under these terms and conditions submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts. Nothing in these terms and conditions affects your right as a consumer to rely on any mandatory provisions of the law of the country in which you are resident.



Version as of 21 May 2018