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From all-night raves to beachside festivals, Amsterdammers are notoriously fond of a good excuse to party. But one day takes the (orange-glazed) cake: King’s Day. On 27 April, the whole country heads to the streets to celebrate King Willem-Alexander’s birthday, and there’s no better place for it than compact Amsterdam. 

Strap on your walking shoes, wear something orange and join the crowds. Here’s what not to miss on the day.

City or station
City or station

Make the most of King’s Day

    • The boat parade

      The fun-spirited boat parade along the Prinsengracht (the outermost of the main canals) is the heart of the party. For the best views, head into town early to grab a spot along Vijzelstraat or Haarlemmerstraat. Still not happy with the vista? Plan well ahead to rent a vessel of your own, or pay to stand on a boat moored on the side of the canal. It’s the local way to make new friends.

    • The block parties

      When the boats start to bore, make a beeline for Jordaan and Rembrandtplein, where crowds converge for food, drink and live music. Nearby, the colourful gay bars on Reguliersdwarsstraat or Zeedijk have DJs, extravagant costumes and more glitter than you’ll ever need. If you have little ones in tow, head east to Bredeweg or north to NDSM, where the thinner crowds have a family-friendly vibe.

    • The street markets

      Beyond the frothy beers and bouncing boats, King’s Day is all about browsing for bargains you don’t really need. The whole city turns into an open-air flea market, with residents selling everything from furniture and books to home-baked treats. For the cutest vendors, though, head over to the Artis Zoo or Vondelpark, where only kids set up shop and practice their best sales patter.

    • The food

      There’s no shortage of street food on the big day. For a taste of tradition, though, sample the special edition tompouce. An Amsterdam-born spin on the mille-feuille, the typically bright-pink pastry turns orange with the rest of the country on this special day. You’ll find tompouce stands scattered around the streets, but for a taste of the real deal make a pit stop at Patisserie Holtkamp.

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