Luggage allowances

One of the great benefits of travelling with Eurostar is that you only need to check in any luggage if you’re taking more than your allowance.

Luggage allowance on Eurostar

There is no luggage weight restriction on Eurostar – you just have to be able to carry your own bags onto the train.

Travelling on an adult ticket

  • 2 pieces of luggage (up to 85cm long)
  • 1 piece of hand luggage


Child ticket (4 to 11 year olds)

  • 1 piece of luggage (up to 85cm long)
  • 1 piece of hand luggage

Children under 4 years old travel free with Eurostar, so they don’t have to be included in your booking and won’t need a ticket. They won’t have a seat and don’t have a luggage allowance, so they’ll need to sit on the lap of a parent or guardian. 

Pushchairs and prams travel for free in addition to your individual allowance. You’ll just need to fold your pram and store it in the luggage racks in your coach.


French Alps direct ski train 

On our direct ski route to the French Alps your luggage allowance is increased to include skis so your allowance is:

  • 2 bags (up to 85cm long)
  • 1 piece hand luggage
  • Skis or snow board


Extra luggage

If you’d like to take more than the standard luggage allowance with you, or heavy or oversized items, you can – you’ll just need to use our registered luggage service.


Excess luggage

If you arrive at the station with more than your luggage allowance and you haven’t booked it into our registered luggage service, you’ll either be charged an excess luggage fee or be asked to register your luggage before departure.