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Digital Content request

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Welcome to our content request page

Need our team for a website-related task? You’re in the right place. Click on the link on the banner below and you'll be taken to a content request form.

Please note that existing content on the website is owned by 'information owners' and they are in charge of briefing the Content team for any changes to their content. If you have a change to make to existing content, and are not an information owner, please contact the information owner directly and they will raise the request.

Not in our teams remit - mobile app, booking path, help centre (FAQs, chatbot), MYB, logged in accounts.

Log a digital content request

We require at least 2 weeks' notice before the go-live date for changes to existing landing pages, homepage merchandise requests and to fix any bugs. For new content requests we require at least 8 weeks' notice. This gives us enough time to work with the studio for new assets, copy and translations.

If this request is urgent please follow up with an email to

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Meet the team

Anthony Johnston - Digital Content Senior Lead
Marie Foley – Content Strategist (UK, US, ROW)
Cheska Polderman – Content Strategist (NL, BENL)
Elisabeth de Sarnez-Fontanille - Content Strategist (FR, BEFR)
Ashley Argüello Blaison - Content Strategist (DE)
Letizia Zitoli – Content Planning Manager
David Schmutz – Content Systems Manager

Need further assistance? Contact us at: