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Et voilà, the new Eurostar app is here

We’ve been busy making some exciting updates to your essential travel companion, the Eurostar app.  

Think beautiful design, easier bookings and everything you need right where you need it – on your phone.



All the features you know and love are still there, including our pièce de résistance.


  • Mobile tickets

    We’d like to make paper tickets a thing of the past. It helps our environment and it’s more convenient for you to have your ticket stored on the app so that it’s with you at all times. You can quickly scan it at the eTicket gates without having to search through your bag – or realise you’ve left it at home on the coffee table. Oops.

  • Onboard entertainment

    To keep you (and the little ones) entertained on your journey, you can watch your favourite shows using our WiFi. We’ve also teamed up with Amazon to bring you more of the best TV series to enjoy through the app. And if that wasn’t enough, we’ll take you on a virtual reality adventure with Eurostar Odyssey, our wonderful world beneath the waves.

  • Digital loyalty card

    As frequent travellers know, forgetting your Club Eurostar loyalty card is a bit of a pain. We’ve solved that problem with a new digital version that’s saved on your app. It makes your experience that little bit smoother and means you’ll have quick access to the exclusive discounts and benefits that are unique to your membership.

What else can the app do?


  • Log in once and stay logged in
  • If you have a Eurostar account, your bookings will always be with you when you need them, online or on the app
  • Search and book trains
  • Update or change your booking on the go
  • Save your mobile ticket in your Apple Wallet
  • View real-time train information like arrivals and departures on the day you’re travelling


Just so you know, if you have any upcoming bookings saved on the old app, you’ll need to transfer them across to the new one. Find out how to transfer your bookings.

If you’ve already downloaded the Eurostar app, just update it when prompted. Otherwise, you can get it for free on iPhone and Android now. Enjoy.




Image credits: © Eurostar; © Eurostar; © Eurostar; © Eurostar; © Eurostar