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View along the river

Direct train from Brussels to Rotterdam and Amsterdam

Two bag allowanceno weight restrictions or extra charges
City centreto city centre
Meals, snacks and drinksavailable in Café Métropole

Getting ready to travel

You can bring two bags (up to 85cm long) and one item of hand luggage. There’s no weight restriction and no limits on liquids.

Don’t forget to bring your passport or ID. Although there’s no passport check between Belgium and the Netherlands, you’ll probably need it on your trip.

Arriving at the station

Station staff and police officers may carry out random security checks before you board the train at Brussels-Midi/Zuid. So, please arrive at least 20 minutes before departure to allow time for this.

Don’t forget to keep your ticket with you at all times. It’ll be checked on board and you’ll need to scan the barcode at the ticket gates to exit the station in the Netherlands.

Eurostar trains usually depart from platform 3 in Brussels-Midi/Zuid. On the way back, our trains usually depart from platform 15 in Amsterdam Centraal and platform 1 in Rotterdam Centraal. But do double check the departure boards in case something has changed.

Once you’ve found the right platform, use the information screens to find out the best place to wait for your coach.


Please note: Children under 16 are not allowed to travel on their own between Brussels and the Netherlands. 16 to 18 year olds can travel alone, as long as they have all the required travel documents.


The ticket office is located next to the entrance to the Eurostar terminal. Please allow extra time if you need to pick up tickets. Alternatively, you can download our app, which you can use to store, buy and exchange tickets, saving time and paper.

Food on board

If you’re travelling in Standard Premier or Business you’ll get snacks served at your seat.  There are also plug points for either continental or UK plugs at every seat.

Feeling peckish in Standard? Don’t worry, visit Café Métropole, our onboard bar buffet for drinks and snacks to keep hunger at bay.

Brussels to Amsterdam   Runs Mon-Fri Runs Mon-Fri Runs Sat Runs Sun
Brussels Midi/Zuid Departs 11:22 20:22 11:22 20:22
Rotterdam Centraal Arrives 12:32 21:32 12:32 21:32
Rotterdam Centraal Departs 12:32 21:32 12:32 21:32
Amsterdam Centraal Arrives 13:11 22:11 13:44 22:44


Amsterdam to Brussels   Runs Mon-Sat Runs Mon-Fri Runs Sun
Amsterdam Centraal Departs 07:47 16:47 17:47
Rotterdam Centraal Arrives 08:28 17:28 18:28
Rotterdam Centraal Departs 08:28 17:28 18:28
Brussels Midi/Zuid Arrives 09:38 18:38 19:38


Image credits: © Eurostar; © Eurostar