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Since beginning its service over 20 years ago, Eurostar has made remarkable progress in becoming environmentally responsible. As well as carrying passengers as efficiently as possible, cutting carbon emissions lies at the heart of our business and our 17 new e20 trains have a range of energy-saving and eco-friendly features reducing our impact on the environment.

Ever wondered how you could be traveling greener?  Here are some handy tips to help you.


 Bring a refillable water bottle with you rather than buying disposable plastic water bottles. Many stations, hotels and other venues now have water fountains where you can fill up.

Reusable water bottle



 Where possible, especially when you are travelling short haul, take the train rather than flying to reduce your carbon footprint.


 Use public transport rather than taxis, it's cheaper as well as greener and you'll get to meet the locals.


 Take a local bus to see the sights, not a tour bus. Many public bus routes will go past the main landmarks and monuments making them a great way to visit the city.


 Always take a long-life bag with you so you don't need to use plastic ones for shopping. They're also great for impromptu picnics and carrying extra layers and brollies if the weather is unpredictable.


 Walk or hire a bike to visit your destination, it's the best way to really see the city you are visiting and you're more likely to stumble on hidden gems along the way.


 Try stay in hotels and hotel chains with green credentials that have signed up to sustainable practices.

Green leaves


 If the option isn't offered, ask housekeeping not to change your sheets and towels daily. Hanging a 'Do not Disturb' sign on your door will make sure they don't.


 Get a backpack with a solar charger for your devices so you can charge them as you walk or cycle around the city.


 Don't print your tickets, download our app to get your ticket on your phone, it's more convenient and it saves on paper.


Subscribe to digital magazines and newspapers for your trip so you can get the latest news and your favourite reads without waste.

Green leaves



 When possible try to eat at restaurants that source their food locally and shop in stores that sell locally produced goods.


 If you need to rent a car, make sure it's a hybrid or electric vehicle.


 Make sure your hotel has a recycling programme and if it doesn't ask them why not. The more guests who ask, the more likely the hotel will be to adopt one moving forward.


 Take a short shower not a bath as showers generally use much less water and electricity than baths.


 Don't use the hotel laundry for small washes, bring eco powder and wash your own clothes as necessary.


 Turn off all the lights and electricals when you leave your accommodation so you don't waste energy.

Electrical switch


 Only use the aircon when you absolutely have to or turn it on for a blast of cool air before you go to bed.


 Take the stairs rather than the lift, it's greener and it will keep you fit.


 Don't leave the tap running while you are washing your teeth, turn it off between rinses.


 Wrap up warmly rather than turn your heating up, layering is the most efficient way of keeping warm.



 Bring a reusable coffee cup with you rather than buy takeout in cardboard cups.


 Try have one meat-free day where you explore the vegetarian or vegan options of your destination.


 Instead of buying from big retailers, shop from small local businesses and brands.


 Take the small hotel shampoo and soap bottles with you if you've used them, as they might get dumped. You can refill them with your favourite products and use them for weekends away.

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