Welcome to Club Eurostar

Welcome to

For more rewarding travel

Club Eurostar is the rewards club for anyone who loves to travel cross-Channel, whether it’s for business, leisure or a bit of both.

Ways to earn points

Travelling with Eurostar

You’ll earn 1 point for every £1 you spend on Eurostar travel.

If you book Eurostar tickets in another currency, we’ll convert the amount to pounds before working out your points.


With Partners


We’ve got more partners coming soon… so keep your eyes peeled.

Spending points

Rail travel with Eurostar

Spend your points on Eurostar tickets, with no blackout dates or extra fees.

Upgrade your seat on Eurostar

For an extra special trip, use your points to upgrade your seat.

The Club Eurostar Shop*

Treat someone or yourself with something special from the Club Eurostar Shop.

Rail travel with our partners*

Explore the Continent using your points, with train tickets from our partners.

Ticket discounts

Use your points to pay less for your next Eurostar ticket.

*Only available to Avantage and Carte Blanche members.

The club levels

When you join. When you earn 400 points from Eurostar travel or after 5 return journeys in your membership year. When you earn 1,800 points from Eurostar travel or after 24 return journeys in your membership year.
Enjoy special offers chosen just for Club Eurostar members
Earn points every time you travel with Eurostar
Earn points with our partners
Share your points with family and friends in the club
Use your points to buy Eurostar tickets, with no blackout dates or fees
Upgrade your Eurostar ticket using your points
Choose to get Eurostar compensation in points
Take advantage of discounts and special offers from our partners
Use your points for Eurostar ticket discounts
Spend your points on rail travel with our partners on the Continent (TGV, Thalys, Lyria)
Treat yourself with your points at the Club Eurostar Shop
Get support from a dedicated Club Eurostar team
Work or unwind in our Business Premier or Railteam lounges
Fast-track lanes for a quicker getaway
Use the Business Premier ticket office
Have a cab waiting at Arrivals with our taxi booking service