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Almost two decades ago, we changed the way people travel from the UK to Paris and Brussels forever. Today, we’ve created a generation of travellers who think nothing of hopping on the train after breakfast and relaxing in a Parisian bistro by lunchtime.

We’re delighted by the fact that we’ve doubled the number of visitors travelling from London to Paris and Brussels. Over the years, we’ve helped build connections that could never have flourished before – business to business, friend to friend, amour to amour… And now the connections reach even farther, with links to over 100 destinations across Europe via Paris, Brussels and Lille.

Introducing Eurostar
Introducing Eurostar

All about our company, our service and our brand

Behind the scenes

A little about Eurostar's ownership and structure

Our history

The Eurostar story, from November 1994 to the present day

Company results

An overview of this year’s financial results

The future of European train travel

A sneak peek at our brand new fleet

Our awards

Just a few of our favourite accolades from the last three years

Eurostar and Eurotunnel

Working together to take you further

What's new
What’s new

Our brand new trains are on their way. Take a sneak peek inside our new fleet, designed intuitively around you