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Carnanby street in London

1) Carnaby street

In between Regents Street and Oxford Street, this quarter, famous for its colourful façades, reminds us of the Swinging London from the '60s. Between the fashion, beauty, art, food, cafés and pubs (of course), you can stroll through the lively Carnaby Street. During end of year celebrations, this quarter is brought to life with Christmas colours. Starting in November, you can visit to admire the multicoloured néon lights, dreamy shop-windows and dazzling illuminations.


2) Neal's Yard

A peaceful hub in the heart of Covent Garden, Neal's Yard opens itself onto streets with colourful buildings covered in greenery. Nicholas Saunders gave life back to this area in the '70s when he opened his organic food shop, and since then the relaxed, natural feel has subsisted. Enjoy the range of Vegan and North African restaurants, ethical cafés and artisinal crèmeries, to the famous Neal's Yard beauty Remedies.

London view from Blackfriars

3) The view of the Thames from Blackfriars

From the Blackfriars bridge, take in the sublime view of the Thames and the most impressive buildings in London: the Shard, Sky Garden and St Paul's.

4) The Holly Bush pub in Hampstead

Head to North London for a calm walk, away from the busy bustling city center. Delicious restaurants, adorable cafés and giant parks, you'll easily spend an afternoon in Hampstead. Our favourite address? The charming and traditional Holly Bush pub. 

London Skyline view from Mdison's rooftop

5) Madison's Rooftop bar

Madison's rooftop bar is one of the most instagrammed spots in London. And we understand why! Head to this trendy bar terrace for a stunning view of St Paul's Cathedral and the city.

Covent Garden market

6) Covent Garden

Apples and pears have been sold in this Italian-inspired square for centuries. Today, we come to Covent Garden for clothes, unique luxury decor objects or for chic beauty salon experiences. Find antique treasures in Apple Market, stroll to a café and feast yourself on the vast choice of menus around the theatres. An unchanged tradition: applauding musicians and other street performers on the square.

Mr Fogg’s Tavern

7) Mr Fogg's Pub

Gin fans will adore the eccentric interiors of Mr Fogg's pub; walls adorned with hanging plants and framed portraits and softly fragrant rooms. Choose amongst 300 types of gin, from the classic London Dry to the most intriguing flavours - a sure way to make your followers jealous!

Sketch aftenoon tea

8) A boudoir ambiance at Sketch

Book a table in The Gallery room to enjoy an immersion in a pink cocoon imagined by India Mahdavi. On the walls, the crude drawings by David Shrigley provides a stark contrast to the boudoir ambiance of this princess place. Once seated in a velvet chair, you can choose Afternoon Tea or go for the dinner menu - the selection is delicious.

Street art in Hackney Wick

9) Street-art in East London

The buildings on Hackney road are almost entirely covered in pop creations designed to create a visual explosion of colour. At the corner of Columbia road, renowned street artists have created imposing masterpieces that would make your head spin.

St Paul's from the other side of the Millennium bridge

10) St Paul seen from Millenium Bridge

Strategically place yourself at the end of Millenium Bridge to take a picture of the famous dome belonging to St Paul's Cathedral. The futuristic perspective from the bridge is worthy of a detour!

Churchill Arms Pub in London

11) The Churchill Arms pub

Situated near Notting Hill, this pub is impossible to miss with its bucolic facade. With 100 flower pots, 42 flower baskets, and 48 planters during the warm season, or its 90 Christmas trees in winter, the Churchill Arms is without a doubt the most instagrammable pub in all of London.

London Skyline view from Sea Containers' rooftop

12) The skyscrapers in City of London

Whether you find yourself on a rooftop or in the middle of Liverpool Street: the skyscrapers in the City are impressive, no matter the viewpoint.

Daunt Books store

13) The Daunt Books library

Find inspiration for future escapes in this beautiful library of Edwardian adventure. Its elegant tourist guides make for great travel companions, as does its selection of recent publications for longer voyages. If only to see its beautiful wooden galleries and stain glass, it is worth the trip.

14) Kew Gardens

Situated in Richmond, south west London, Kew Gardens is ideal for a green day. It is sadly not free, but definitely worth the small fee! Spend an afternoon strolling the pathways, in the greenhouses or admiring the variety of exotic plants.

St James Park

15) St James' park

With its peaceful lake and shaded views of Buckingham Palace, St James' is one of the most beautiful parks in London. The pelicans that have made it their home perch on benches, fish in the lake and love to pose for photographs.

Prince Gate Mews

16) Prince Gate Mews

A few steps away from the Science Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum, take a glimpse down this colourful South Kensington pathway. You can take a stunning picture in front of the pastel houses and await the likes on instagram!

Notting Hill pastel houses

17) Notting Hill

Between multicoloured houses and vintage markets, the photo opportunities of Notting Hill neighbourhood are endless. Our love at first sight: the colourful homes on Westbourne Park Road.

Leadenhall Market, used in the Harry Potter films

18) Leadenhall Market

This covered Victorian market, with its colourful arcades, is hidden between the tall buildings of the City of London. This location was used as a backdrop for scenes in Diagon Alley in Harry Potter. Walk in the direction of the Bull's Head Passage and find the famous door to the Leaky Cauldron pub, which is the portal for the wizards to leave the muggle world and enter into the magical Diagon Alley.


19) B Bakery Afternoon Tea Bus Tour

This bus is perfect if you only have one afternoon in London. It has fun glass-holding doors with take-away tea cups. You will whizz past Big Ben and Westminster Abbey without ever spilling a drop! Admire London's most emblematic monuments while enjoying tea and the delicious B Bakery bites.

Tower Bridge opening

20) Tower Bridge

You can immortalise the iconic opening of Tower Bridge to let big boats through on the Thames. On average, the bridge lifts twice a day. There is a permanent exposition by the bridge that explains how this fascinating mechanic works, and has worked ever since the Victorian age. You can check Bridge's lifiting times here so as to not miss this unique London experience.


David Bowie mural in Brixton

21) David Bowie street art in Brixton

Make your way to David Bowie's home town, Brixton, to admire the beautiful coloured mural painted in honour of this iconic British pop star. This monumental masterpiece is layed out on the Morley's shop wall and every day attracts hundreds of Bowie fans.

Peggy Porschen cake shop

22) Peggy Porschen

Cakes, cookies and girly cups of tea are on the menu in this tea room in Chelsea. Snap a picture here to add a touch of pink to your Instagram feed. The seasonal decor on the front of the building is also Instagram worthy.

23) Hyde Park

Henry VIII's old hunting ground, Hyde Park is a vast royal park perfect for strollers or sportsmen. With equestrian fields, a fountain in memory of Lady Diana and open-air concerts, this park has a very special ambiance.

Fresh flowers market in London

24) Columbia Road Flower Market

Admire the stunning bouquets, succulents and other cacti at the Columbia Road Flower Market. Every Sunday, from 8am until 3pm, Londoners love to head over early to this iconic site, to take pictures or just before closing to get some great deals on flowers.

The Great Court at the British Museum

25) The British Museum's glass ceiling

Let your eyes trail upwards to admire the impressive glass ceiling in the main gallery of the British Museum. The ultra modern architecture of the building contrasts with the Egyptian and Greek statues scattered throughout the museum. Bonus: if you show your Eurostar ticket at the museum till, you get two entries for the price of one!

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