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Musical Instruments

Whether you’re off to a concert or just taking your guitar on your travels, here’s everything you need to know.

Musical instruments

Whether you’re headlining at the Stade de France or just travelling with guitar in hand, we’ve got you covered.

Guitars, violins and other small instruments

Musical instruments smaller than 85 cm long and guitars can travel with you as part of your luggage allowance on routes to and from London. Guitars must be in a case.

Cellos and other medium-sized instruments

If your instrument is between 85cm and 136cm long and in a case, you can do one of the following:

  • Call our contact centre to book your journey and an accompanying ticket so your instrument travels in the seat beside you (subject to availability)
  • Arrange for a courier service to take it to your destination
  • Book a dedicated space for your instrument by contacting This service is currently limited to selected trains between London, Paris, and Brussels, so please book early to avoid disappointment

Harps, double basses and other large instruments

If your instrument is longer than 136 cm, you'll need to send it by courier, as you won't be able to travel with it.

Special luggage allowed on board

We understand that life isn’t always neat – some items that exceed our maximum dimensions may be allowed on board. If you need advice, please get in touch. Your allowance includes one extra piece of luggage (max. 75 x 53 x 30 cm) and one piece of hand luggage. Any excess luggage must be transported in a case no longer than two metres, and may come with a charge of €30 per case. There’s no weight limit, but you should be able to carry all your luggage.

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