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Due to current travel restrictions, we're unable to provide our usual EuroDespatch luggage service and our bike on board service. More information

How to book your bike on Eurostar

To travel with your bike, you need to book a space separately to your train ticket. To make sure it travels on the same train as you, book in advance from €40. For further details on this service please call to book on 0344 822 5822 or email EuroDespatch@eurostar.com.


Which routes can I bring my bike on?

Bikes can be taken on Eurostar trains between London, Paris Brussels and the Netherlands.

Returning from Amsterdam to London, connecting in Brussels - be sure to give yourself 90 minutes for the train changeover.

If you’re travelling on a connecting journey, please ensure that you check the requirements for transporting your bike with the other carrier(s). And be sure to allow a minimum of 90 minutes to change trains.


Bikes cannot be taken on all our routes, even if they’re in a protective box or case.

Bikes larger than 85cm long can’t travel to or from:

  • Ashford International
  • Ebbsfleet International
  • Calais Fréthun
  • Disneyland® Paris
  • Lyon Part-Dieu
  • Avignon TGV
  • Marseille Saint-Charles
  • Ski destinations 

If you’re travelling to any of these destinations, our partner First Luggage may be able to help. As a Eurostar customer you’ll receive an exclusive discount.

Transporting my bike in a protective Eurostar bike box

Easy to use and completely secure, our bike boxes are a great way of taking your bike with you. Fitted with padding and a protective hard case, they’re easy to use whatever your level of experience.

At the station, head to the registered luggage office to drop off your bike, then collect it from the registered luggage office at the other end.

To send your bike in a box, you’ll need to remove the wheels. You might also have to take off the pedals, lower the seat and turn the handlebars.

You’ll find all the tools you need at the station, along with our knowledgeable team who’ll be ready to guide you through the process in a designated area. Just make sure you arrive 90 minutes before your train departs so there’s time to get your bike in the box.

Transporting my bike fully assembled

It’s easy for your bike to travel fully assembled on Eurostar. At the station, head to the registered luggage office to drop off your bike. There, our knowledgeable team will be on hand to guide you through the process. We recommend that you arrive 90 minutes before your train departs.

When you get to the other end, go to the registered luggage office to collect your bike.

Please note: Since fully assembled bikes take up more space, availability is limited. If you want to be sure your bike will travel on the same train as you, we recommend booking in advance.

Taking my bike as part of my luggage allowance

If you own a folding bike, it can be taken on any Eurostar train, as long as it’s smaller than 85cm when fully folded, and in a protective bag that covers the whole bike. This is to protect your bike, other people and their luggage both at the station, on board and going through security.

If you’re planning on bringing a child’s bike on board, it also needs to be smaller than 85cm and in a bag. Otherwise, you’ll need to send it with our registered luggage service.

Travelling with my bike last minute

Bring your bike along on the day and for €46 (boxed) or €64 (fully assembled), we’ll send it on the first available train. It might not travel on the same one as you, but it’ll be at your destination within 24 hours.

Please arrive 90 minutes before your train departs so there’s time to get your bike organised. 


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