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Brexit and Eurostar services

Will there be changes to Eurostar’s service after Brexit?
We expect to maintain services on the existing basis, timetable and terms and conditions following Brexit. We are working closely with our station partners, Governments and border authorities on both sides of the Channel to ensure that robust plans are in place for us to continue to operate in either a deal or 'no-deal' scenario.
Will I need a visa to travel between the UK and the EU after Brexit?
The EU has agreed to give British citizens visa-free travel to member states, even in a no-deal scenario, for trips up to 90 days. The UK had previously confirmed that EU citizens will be able to make short-term visits to the UK without a visa.  
Can I still travel with my EEA ID card after Brexit? 
The UK government has confirmed that EU identity cards would remain valid for travel to the UK initially. Although there will be no immediate change, this cannot be guaranteed after the introduction of a new immigration system from 1 January 2021. Find out more.

Will there be any changes to the travel documents I need after Brexit?
Should the UK leave the EU without a deal, passports will be required to have six months validity from the date of arrival at your destination. The government has created an online tool to check if a passport needs to be renewed before travel.

French Nationwide General Strike

Trade Unions in France have called for a nationwide general strike from 5 December 2019.

The strike action continues but with a reduced impact on Eurostar routes.
We will therefore deliver our normal timetable from 13 January.

For more information, check here

There will be disruptions to Metro and RER services in Paris, you can check for updates here.

There may be disruptions to connecting SNCF trains to all destinations within France,you can check your train for any updates here.


Ski train departure times changed due to strike action on 10 and 11 January 2020

Due to ongoing national strike action in France closing some railway lines in the Alps region we have had no option but to change the departure times of the direct nightSki trains on Friday 10 January and Saturday 11 January. The day train timings are unaffected i.e. the direct day trains(9092) from London St Pancras to Bourg St Maurice and (9095) from Bourg St Maurice to London St Pancras on Saturday 11 January.The 9095 will be a different type of train and passengers should check for new seating details on eurostar.com or the mobile app.These unavoidable changes ensure that these trains can still run by avoiding the line closures put in place by SNCF. The trains will now depart as follows:

Outbound trains

Friday 10 January 2020 (Train 9096 (19.45) -London St Pancras to Moutiers and Bourg St Maurice)

  • Original departure time: Friday 10 January 9096 (19.45 London St Pancras)
  • New earlier departure time: Friday 10 January 9096 (12.46 London St Pancras 13.24 Ashford International)
  • Book your seats on this earlier train 9097 here.
  • New approximate arrival time of 20.39 Moutier and 21.13 Bourg St Maurice
  • Additional stop in Chamberyat approximately 19.22
  • Additional stop in Albertville at approximately 20.09
  • As the new arrival time is approximately 21.50 in Bourg St Maurice you will need to have arranged accommodation for the additional night and onward travel. Please be advised that there may be limited accommodation available in Bourg St Maurice, Moutiers or Aime la Plagne. There will be an additional stop in Albertville and also Chambery for those who may wish to stay there. Please do not travel unless you have confirmed accommodation for the additional night.


Saturday 11 January 2020 (Train 9092 (09.45) -London St Pancras to Moutiers and Bourg St Maurice)

  • No change to departure time:Train still departing at original departure time: Saturday 11 January 9092 (09.45 London St Pancras 10.28 Ashford International)


Return trains

Saturday 11 January 2020 (Train 9095 (09.32) - Bourg St Maurice/Moutiers to London St Pancras)

  • No change to departure time: Train still departing at original departure time: Saturday 11 January 9095 (09.32 Bourg St Maurice 09.57 Moutiers)
  • You will be travelling on a different type of train. You have been re-accommodated within the system and will see new seating details on Manage Your Booking and the mobile app. Staff will be on hand at the resorts to help you find your new seats.
  • As this train will be busy, please arrive 3 hours before to support a comfortable boarding experience and timely departure.


Saturday 11 January 2020 (Train 9099 (22.12) -Bourg St Maurice/Moutiers to London St Pancras)

This train has been cancelled. We can offer the following alternatives for your return:

  • There is an additional service,which will run direct from the Alps to London, on Sunday 12 January. This train will depart Bourg St Maurice at 09.44 Moutiers at 10.14 and arrive into Ashford International at 16.03 and London St Pancras at 16.42.To travel on this service please arrive at the station 2 hours before departure with your existing tickets. The Eurostar team on site in resort will then arrange this for you. Please note that if you do decide to travel on this Sunday service you will need to make your own arrangements to stay in resort for the additional night.
  • We are able to accommodate some passengers on to the direct day train, which will depart Saturday 11 January, at 09:32 Bourg St Maurice 09:57 Moutiers. You can exchange on to this train, whilst availability allows here: /disruption.
  • You are also entitled to a full refund of this journey if you wish to travel back to the UK by alternative means.You can request your refund here.
  • There is some availability on TGV services for both the Saturday and Sunday, should you choose to take an alternative route via SNCF here.

As this is a last-minute change please disregard the original times shown on printed tickets.

If these new times are not suitable you can either exchange your ticket for free for an alternative date in the future or request a full refund here. We are sorry for the impact this will have on your plans.


No travel from Ebbsfleet to France and Belgium on 14 and 15 February

No Eurostar services will depart from Ebbsfleet International on the dates listed below as the French Border control authorities will not be present in the station. Arrivals are unaffected.


  • Friday 14 February
  • Saturday 15 February

Please click the link below to see which trains are no longer stopping at Ebbsfleet.

List of the trains affected for February

All Eurostar services running from Paris, Brussels and Marne la Vallée (Disneyland® Paris) back to the UK on these dates will continue to stop at Ebbsfleet as normal. 

To book your journey, you'll need to buy your tickets to travel from London St Pancras or Ashford International and depart from these stations instead.

Ashford International Station Closure Dates 2020

Due to planned engineering works, no Eurostar services will stop at Ashford International on:


  • Sunday 23 February
  • Sunday 21 June
  • Sunday 29 November

If you’re travelling on any of these dates, you’ll need to board or leave your train in London St Pancras or Ebbsfleet International.

Travelling between Disneyland Paris and Ebbsfleet International?

We've now stopped selling tickets from Ebbsfleet International on our direct train to Disneyland ® Paris on:

  • Monday 25 May 2020


We've also stopped selling tickets from Disneyland ® Paris on our direct train to Ebbsfleet International on:

  • Friday 29 May 2020

This is to stop our departures lounge and arrivals area getting too full but you can still travel to London or Ashford.

If you haven’t booked yet
There are still seats available. You’ll just need to buy tickets from London St Pancras International or Ashford International and board or leave the train at one of those stations.

If you’ve already booked tickets from/to Ebbsfleet International
Don't worry, the train will still stop at Ebbsfleet as normal but it might be worth allowing a little extra time, since it'll be busy.

Travelling to the Netherlands – planned engineering works

Over the next few months, some services will be altered on our new route to and from Amsterdam.

Saturday 25 January

  • Trains from London will arrive in Amsterdam 33 minutes later than usual
  • The 9119 morning departure from Amsterdam will leave 34 minutes earlier than usual at 07:15
  • The 9145 afternoon departure from Amsterdam will leave 29 minutes later at 14:15 and arrive in Brussels 60 minutes later at 16:38

Sunday 26 January

  • The 9126 morning departure from London will leave 10 minutes earlier at 10:54 and arrive in Amsterdam 33 minutes later at 16:44
  • The 9150 17:19 departure from London will terminate in Brussels
  • The 9145 afternoon departure from Amsterdam will leave 34 minutes earlier than usual at 13:15
  • The 9161 evening departure from Amsterdam will leave 29 minutes later at 18:15 and arrive in Brussels 60 minutes later at 20:38

Monday 27 January

  • The 9119 07:49 departure from Amsterdam has been cancelled.

Saturday 1 February

  • The 9112 early morning departure from London will leave 26 minutes later at 07:42, arrive in Rotterdam 40 minutes later than usual at 12:12 and arrive in Amsterdam 60 minutes later than usual at 13:11
  • The  9126 late morning departure from London will leave London 6 minutes later at 11:10 and arrive in Amsterdam 33 minutes later at 16:44
  • The 9119 morning departure from Amsterdam will leave 34 minutes earlier than usual at 07:15
  • The 9145 afternoon departure from Amsterdam will leave 89 minutes later at 15:15 and arrive in Brussels 120 minutes later at 17:38

Sunday 2 February

  • Trains from London will leave 14 minutes later and arrive in Amsterdam 33 minutes than usual
  • The 9145 afternoon departure from Amsterdam will leave 34 minutes earlier than usual at 13:15
  • The 9161 evening departure from Amsterdam will leave 29 minutes later at 18:15 and arrive in Brussels 60 minutes later at 20:38

We’re not selling any tickets between Brussels, Rotterdam and Amsterdam on these dates until the timetables have been confirmed: 


  • Saturday 14 March
  • Sunday 15 March
  • Saturday 28 March
  • Sunday 29 March
  • Saturday 2 May
  • Sunday 3 May


Travelling within the Netherlands?

Please click the link below to check for any changes to train times or planned works which may affect your trip:


Engineering works near Paris in May 2020

On the following dates, we're not currently selling tickets on trains running between the UK and Paris.


  • Friday 8 May
  • Saturday 9 May
  • Sunday 10 May
  • Monday 11 May

This is because of planned maintenance works at St Denis, near Paris which require our trains to be diverted away from the lines that we normally use to run into and out of Gare du Nord.

Once we are able to confirm our timetables for theses dates and tickets can be booked again, we'll announce the details here and also on our Twitter feed.

Engineering works at Marseille on 22 and 23 May 2020

No Eurostar trains will call at Marseille St Charles station on Friday 22 and Saturday 23 May 2020.

On these two days, our services will run to and from Lyon Part Dieu and Avignon TGV only.