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Eurostar Café

Food and drinks on the go

Something tasty for the journey

Whether it’s a quick snack or something to sip as you watch the world go by, a good journey is always made better by a little treat. Choose from our selection of delicious, high-quality food and drink at Eurostar Café.

Travelling to and from London

Whether it’s a signature sandwich or a light bite, we’re passionate about our food. We only use the very best ingredients, and we make sure to have vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and healthy options on the menu. Our dishes even change based on the season. Enjoy a winter warmer or something cooling in the summer.

See our Eurostar Café menu

Our signature coffee

The perfect cup of coffee. Nothing less. That’s what we went looking for when creating our own signature blend. Made from ethically sourced beans, it offers a smooth, full-bodied texture, with notes of cocoa and a sweet finish. A harmonious melange of flavours, reflecting the cosmopolitan nature of our travellers.

Fancy a discount?

Save money by helping us save the planet. Bring a reusable cup to Eurostar Café and we’ll knock 50p off the cost of your hot drink.

Go greener with Eurostar

We’ve been the greener gateway to Europe since 1994, and we’re still just as passionate about looking after the planet. Here’s how we’re doing our part through Eurostar Café on our routes to and from London.

  • We’ve swapped 1.5 million plastic cups for a compostable plant-based alternative
  • Our sandwich packaging is made from plant-based materials
  • We’ve ditched plastic bottles and now only serve water in aluminium containers
  • We’ve swapped plastic cutlery and straws for greener alternatives
  • We work with Fairtrade partners to supply our sugar, hot chocolate and Tony’s Chocolonely bars

Waste not, want not

We don’t want to just reduce waste on our trains—we want to make the most of it. Any unsold food from Eurostar Café is donated to Olio rather than thrown in the bin. Olio then give it to local communities around London. We’re proud to do our bit to help individuals and families who are struggling to put food on the table.

Travelling between Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and Germany

Feeling a little hungry? Choose from a range of high-quality light meals, quick bites and hot and cold drinks on our routes between Belgium, France, Germany, and the Netherlands.

See our Eurostar Café menu

Eco-friendly foods

We take our food as seriously as we take sustainability. That’s why our menu is packed with high-quality ingredients that are good for you, and for the planet.

We do our best to ensure everything is sustainable, and on many of our trains, we offer a range of organic and local food and drinks with environmentally-friendly packaging.

A quick bite made faster

For a speedy snack, you can pre-order and pay online. Simply visit and choose your favourite bites and beverages. You’ll then be able to collect your order in the Eurostar Café priority line.

Grab public transport tickets

To save time, you can also buy your Paris and Brussels public transport tickets for zipping around the city and at no extra cost. We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

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