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As classic as the rainy British weather, a trip to the UK isn’t complete without tucking into a portion of fish and chips. If this is your first time sampling the delicious treat, however, you don’t want to be disappointed by choosing somewhere that serves pallid chips or soggy batter – you want the best.

Here are 5 of the top spots in the capital to enjoy the perfect fish dish.

  • Poppie’s Fish and Chips

    6-8 Hanbury Street, London, E1 6QR

    Poppie’s has been running since the 1950s and is a proud London institution – so much so, that there are now three locations. The original is in Spitalfields in the East End and has a wonderful genuine retro vibe. This location means that not only can you get the perfect plate of hot fish and chips, but local delicacy, jellied eels, too.

    Responsibly sourced fish and top quality ingredients mean Poppie’s isn’t old-fashioned when it matters, but keeps its beautiful nostalgia.

  • Bonnie Gull Seafood Shack

    21a Foley Street, London, W1W 6DS

    For slightly upmarket fish and chips (and it doesn’t hurt to make fast food posh every once in a while) head to Fitzrovia. This sleek, minimalistic restaurant does the most sumptuous beer-batter fried fish and chips cooked in beef dripping to achieve a golden crunch all round.

    The other seafood on the menu is of exquisite quality and offers everything from langoustines to grey mullet… but if you want the truly British treatment, stick to the classic fish and chips.

  • Kerbisher & Malt

    164 Shepherds Bush Road, London, W6 7PB

    Now with four locations across London, the Shepherd’s Bush branch is the original and serves something rather special. Fish and chips are an art-form for these guys, making the batter on site and slicing the chips by hand – nothing is bought in and nothing has preservatives added.

    Their chips are serious contenders for the best in the capital and, although you’re miles from the ocean, this gastro-fish bar still manages to capture a whimsical, relaxed seaside vibe.

  • Toff’s

    38 Muswell Hill Broadway, London N10 3RT

    Muswell Hill is proud of this fish joint and we would be too, if our local chippy had been nationally awarded for its fare multiple times. It opened its doors in 1968 and has consistently delivered fabulous, fresh fish, crisp and light batter, plus crisp and fluffy chips for nearly fifty years.

    There are no bells and whistles, this isn’t a fancy establishment – but if you’re after the proper British experience, there’s no better place to start your fish and chips education.

  • Sutton & Sons

    90 Stoke Newington High Street, London, N16 7NY

    This family-run chippy has been on Stoke Newington High Street for over twenty years – adding Islington and Hackney sister stores, too. Not only do this family run the shop, but they own the local fishmongers, as well – so no further evidence of the reliable quality of the fish is needed. The fish is cut into fat, chunky fillets and the batter is crunchy.

    If you fancy a craft beer with your dinner, this is the place to come and the chilled out, beach shack quality is the perfect atmosphere to wind down.