Eurostar fares

Check our range of prices for your chosen destination.

As well as our competitive prices, travelling by Eurostar also has the following benefits:

  • Convenient city centre to city centre travel
  • No lengthy and expensive transfer costs to and from the airport
  • Children under 4 travel free
  • Discounted prices for under 12s, groups and youth
  • 2 for 1 entry to major museums with your Eurostar ticket.

 All tickets and fare types are subject to availability.

Fares Brussels/Lille to London/Ashford/Ebbsfleet Brussels to Lille Any Belgian Station to London/Ashford/Ebbsfleet
  single return single return single return
€ 44.50 - € 197.50 € 78 - € 395 € 30 € 60 € 51 - € 204 € 90 - € 408
  single return single return single return
Exchangeable* € 121.50 - € 249 € 243 - € 498 € 48 € 96 €131.50 - € 259 € 263 - € 518
  single return single return single return
Fully flex** € 321 € 570 n/a n/a € 331 € 590


Fare Availability

Tickets go on sale between 138 and 190 days before departure. We price the tickets on our trains based on demand and availability, with cheaper tickets often selling out quickest. 

* Exchangeability conditions:
All our Standard and Standard Premier tickets are exchangeable before departure. This is subject to availability and to paying any difference in price with the available fare on the day of exchange, plus a fixed fee of £30/€40 (in Standard) or £40/€50 (in Standard Premier) per ticket exchanged. You can exchange your ticket within the same class or upgrade to Standard Premier but it must be on the same route as the original journey booked.

**All our BP fares are fully exchangeable and refundable before and up to two months after departure. No fees and no difference in fare.


When trains are full

It might be that all the seats on your chosen train are booked up already. You can still book a ticket, but we won’t be able to reserve you a seat before you arrive.

Seats may become available on the day if some people cancel or decide not to travel. So, as soon as you arrive at the station, our team will do everything they can to find a seat for you.

If you’d like to make absolutely sure that you get a seat, it’s best to choose a train that still has spaces available.