The picturesque mountains of Switzerland attract as many tourists in summer as in winter, with the sunny promise of hiking in glorious wildflower meadows criss-crossed by streams, and in winter months the sharp cool air and adrenaline rush of skiing on some of the best pistes in the world.

Clean and efficient as well as naturally beautiful, Switzerland is a very prosperous country known for producing watches and penknives, and of course for its varieties of cheese such as Emmental, and its fine chocolate.

The capital, Bern, is a pretty medieval city which sits on the river Aare. However the cultural capital of Switzerland is said to be Zurich, a vibrant city with more than fifty museums and over a hundred galleries, with a young and dynamic nightlife.
The finanical and diplomatic centre which is Geneva, on the other hand, which, like Zurich, is situated beside a lake, is a haven of tranquility. Housing the headquarters of the Red Cross, Geneva is known as the "capital of peace". Basel is an important cultural centre with many theatres and museums, including the world's oldest art collection on public display, at the Museum of Fine Arts.

An outdoorsy country, Switzerland is ideal for those who love sports. With infinite opportunies to try out various snow sports including skiing, snowboarding, bigfoot, bobsleigh and so on, many people travel to Switzerland for its mountaineering and climbing. However, for adrenaline junkies perhaps the most breathtaking activity has to be paragliding off a snowy mountain top, and admiring the distant lakes, peaks and valleys.


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