Spread over two hills, the sunny Mediterranean city of Montpellier has a charming combination of narrow medieval streets and wide 19th century boulevards and squares.
Start exploring the city with a wander through the medieval streets in the heart of the old town. Stroll through the ancient university area, with its famous school of medicine which was attended by Rabelais, and – just round the corner – check out the 13th century cathedral with its unusual entrance flanked by two rocket-shaped towers.
For a little shopping in Montpellier, the grand neoclassical Antigone district is the place to go. If you’re on a culture mission, pop into the Fabre Museum with its ancient ceramics and an impressive collection of paintings dating from the 15th - 20th century, including a number of impressionist masterpieces. This museum is a hub of art and culture which frequently hosts temporary exhibitions.
A city brimming with cultural events, festivals and places to discover, Montpellier hosts the Radio France and Montpellier Festival every summer, at which you’ll find hundreds of free concerts of classical music, opera and jazz. As for nightlife, clubbing in Montpellier is varied and vibrant, while every year the summer season kicks off with the colourful Gay Pride parade.
If you’re visiting en famille you’ll find plenty of family friendly things to do and see in Montpellier . Located close to the delights of the Mediterranean beaches, it's heaven for the bucket-and-spade brigade. The rug-rats will also enjoy the botanical park - the Jardin des Plantes - as well as the Lunaret Zoo where they’ll meet a giraffe called Yoda.
The city of Montpellier is also a gastronomic haven: it is stuffed with shops selling local specialities from the Midi region, as well as wine bars and fine dining restaurants such as the Jardin des Sens.
If you’re visiting Montpellier, don't forget to taste some of the Languedoc wines which come from vineyards in the hills surrounding the city. Enjoy a glass on a sunny terrace in one of the bars and cafes in the pedestrianised city centre or in the Place de la Comedie. Santé!

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