About Eurostar Plus Points

Love travelling to the Continent? Well, now there's even more to love about getting there with Eurostar.

You rewards

Just take a few minutes to sign up for Eurostar Plus Points and we'll give you money back for future journeys every time you book with us.

For every £300 you spend on travelling with Eurostar, we'll give you a £20 e-voucher to use towards your next trip. 

When you join Eurostar Plus Points, you can pick which currency you'd like to get your vouchers in, so you can spend them however suits you best. Just to let you know, once you've picked your currency, you won't be able to change it.

You can keep track of your points total, booking history and e-vouchers on your Eurostar Plus Points statement page.

Love to share? Your Eurostar Plus Points e-vouchers are yours to give to whoever you like. 

And, in return, anyone you know can add points to your total, just by booking a Eurostar journey.

When your friends or family members book a trip with us, just give them your membership number to quote. We'll automatically add their points to your total. It couldn't be simpler.

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Any questions about Eurostar Plus Points?  Please read our FAQs section.
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