French breakfast in London

There are many ways to get a taste of true Paris in London, and starting your day with a petit-déjeuner is undoubtedly one of them. Whether you’re in East London, wandering around Soho or a regular in South Kensington (homesick Frenchies’ favourite area), the city offers an array of delicious boulangeries where you can enjoy the authentic croissant & café au lait combo in the morning.
  • Aubaine

    260-262 Brompton Rd, London SW3

    With its minimalist, pearl-grey façade and warm interiors, Aubaine welcomes hungry travellers looking for a gourmet French breakfast.

    On the menu, croissant and pain au chocolat satisfy visitors with a small appétit, whilst the Full French (Toulouse sausage, Alsace bacon, free range eggs "de votre choix", mushrooms and Provençale haricot beans) was made for the most daring of gourmands.

  • Kayser

    8 Baker Street, London W1U

    One of France’s favourite boulangers is opening his first shop in central London in mid-January 2017.

    Eric Kayser, the Alsacian founder of Kayser bakeries, is a man of passion and talent, and a master in the art of baking bread. Step inside the Baker Street venue for the smell of fresh baguettes and a taste of the routine French morning.

  • Le Peche Mignon

    6 Ronalds Road, Highbury, London N5

    Le Péché Mignon (guilty pleasure in French), offers a delicious range of viennoiseries as well as foodie products imported from across the Channel.

    Sit at one of the cosy Highbury shop’s tables to dip Petit Brun biscuits in your café au lait, and order a toasted bread board with a selection of jams and chocolate spreads. Don’t forget to grab a packet of Galettes St Michel cookies on your way out, in case of a late morning urge to snack!

  • Maison Bertaux

    28 Greek Street, Soho, London

    London’s iconic Patisserie Française shop has been treating Soho’s residents to its wonderful pastries for almost 150 years now.

    The blue and white store welcomes visitors with a lovely tea room during winter, whilst its covered street terrace is ideal for those warm summer mornings. Order a tartelette aux fraises (strawberry tart) with hot chocolate if you’re starving, or keep it classic with a chausson aux pommes (apple Danish) and café noir.

  • E5 Bakehouse

    Arch 395, Mentmore Terrace, London E8

    Although the London Fields’ bakery isn’t originally French, it’s loyal enough to France’s foodie goods to call it a haven for petit-déjeuner cravings.

    Homemade pastries come still warm from the oven, hot drinks are served in large, grandma-style bowls and the wooden, open-plan interiors make for a warm atmosphere. A perfect spot to spend an entire morning reading the newspaper or enjoying conversation with friends and family.