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Get festive at Europe's best Christmas markets

There’s a Christmas market for everyone in Europe this winter, so will you choose romantic Bruges, fun, friendly Brussels, cosmopolitan Amsterdam or a traditional break in Cologne?

If you’re still undecided, Lille offers a mélange of French and Flemish culture while Strasbourg gives a taste of France and Germany in one. Bonnes fêtes!

Christmas in Paris

Soak up the festive atmosphere of the city of lights this Christmas.

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Brussels Christmas market

A great market for a family break or weekend shopping trip at 2 hrs 1 min from London.

Explore Brussels Christmas market


Lille Christmas market

Ideal for a day trip, you can be browsing the Christmas market in just 1 hr 30 mins from London.



Bruges Christmas market

The perfect place for a romantic Christmas break, and just 3 hrs 30 mins from London.


Strasbourg Christmas market

The oldest Christmas market in Europe and one of the prettiest.

Cologne Christmas market

A little further afield, but well worth the trip for its traditional, festive atmosphere.

Christmas in Amsterdam

There's nowhere better for a fun, festive Christmas break.

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