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As we enter the new year, we just wanted to take a moment to stop and share news about how we’re improving Business Premier. We hope to see you on board soon and wish you a fantastic 2020.


    • New Paris smoothie bar

      By popular demand, we’ll be opening a new smoothie bar in our Paris lounge in January.

      Our London smoothie bar, which launched in the summer, has proven to be a big hit with passengers on weekday mornings.

    • Reducing plastic

      In March, we’re removing all Radnor water bottles from our lounges to encourage use of our filtered water taps.

      It’s part of our commitment to reduce all plastic waste.

      There will be more news on this in March.

    • Cocktails on demand

      You can now order cocktails from an automated cocktail machine in our Brussels lounge.

      Whether your preference is a rum punch, an old fashioned or even our Belgian signature cocktail ‘Speculoos Martini’, there is something for everyone.

    • New winter desserts

      This winter, Raymond Blanc is using seasonal and locally sourced ingredients to create some delicious desserts close to his heart using recipes from his childhood.

    • Three-star Sustainable Restaurant Award

      In November, we were awarded the highest three-star rating by the Sustainable Restaurant Association for our onboard food and drink. Every dish is made with sustainability and responsible sourcing in mind – not to mention all the flair and panache of Monsieur Blanc.

Paris lounge: Exhibiting artist

The French-American visual artist Sarah Meyohas is exhibiting a series of photographs in our Paris lounge. Her floral-themed artworks are delicate and absorbing, inspiring moments of quiet reflection.

A greener way to make tea

In a first for our lounges, we’ve introduced an eco-friendly hot-water boiler in Brussels. It features a built-in water filtration system and goes into standby when it’s not in use. So, you can make a perfect cuppa – and we can conserve energy.

London lounge: Exhibiting artist

Dillwyn Smith, who’s exhibited across the world, is currently showing in our London Business Premier lounge this winter. His large abstract artworks are created from Dishdasha fabric, which is stitched vertically or horizontally to create stunning, colourful compositions.

Image credits: © Eurostar; © Eurostar; © Cocktails in the city; © Eurostar; © Sustainable Restaurant Association; © Eurostar; © Dillwyn Smith