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Welcome back. While you’ve been relaxing this summer, we’ve been busy making a few improvements at our stations and in our lounges to make going back to work that little bit easier.




Improvements at Paris Gare du Nord

We know the importance of a quick and efficient experience at our stations. So to improve things at Paris Gare du Nord, we’re making a few changes, including:

  • A dedicated lane and clearer signs to get you to our fast-track ticket gates quicker.  Click here
  • An extra ePassport gate to speed up immigration checks
  • And we’ve increased the size of our team on the ground so that there are more people to assist you and ensure that the Business Premier lane is running smoothly


    • What's new on our App?

      Did you know, you can now use the Eurostar app to book a taxi in Paris? Once you’ve booked your Eurostar ticket, just download our app (if you haven’t already) and our local partner will send a car whenever you need one. You’ll even be able to pay using the app.
      When you’re getting picked up from Paris Gare du Nord, your driver will be waiting with a name card at the end of your platform.

    • The greener way to go

      Radnor water has been introduced on board and in our lounges. The bottle is 100% recyclable and made up of 51% recycled plastic.

      Around 25.8 million tonnes of plastic waste are generated in Europe each year, with less than 30% of that collected for recycling.

      That’s why we’re committed to reducing our plastic use by 50% by 2020 as part of our Tread Lightly programme.

    • New smoothie bar in London

      You can now get fruity every weekday morning in our St Pancras International lounge thanks to our new smoothie bar.

      Choose from a Gorgeous Green, Totally Tropical, or Very Berry smoothie and get your journey off to a healthy start.

      The bar is open between 05:00 and 12:00 Monday to Friday.

    • A new look Business Premier menu

      We’re currently working with our providers in London, Paris and Brussels to add even more locally sourced, seasonal and sustainable ingredients to our delicious onboard menu.

      And we’re putting the finishing touches to our new Business Premier winter menu which will launch this October. Watch this space.

    • A taste of Amsterdam

      On board our Amsterdam and Brussels-bound trains, we’re introducing a taste of the Netherlands to our food offering.

      If you’re travelling in the morning, we’ll be serving up a range of local aperitifs and Dutch chocolates.
      If you’re travelling at lunch time, you’ll enjoy a cheese plate and Dutch chocolates.
      And if you’re travelling in the evening, we’ll be serving up Dutch Lowlander beer, mint tea, Loopuyt Dry Gin, and Dutch Florentines.

    • Happy birthday to us

      In November, we’re celebrating our 25th birthday.

      Save the date, as there’ll be plenty of surprises on board and in our lounges.