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From Gatwick Airport to Paris in one simple booking

Gatwick Airport to Paris by train

26+ years
12-25 years
4-11 years
0-4 years

Children under four can travel for free provided they sit on an accompanying adult's lap. One child per adult traveller only.

Passengers between 4 and 25 years old

So that we can find the best price for the National Rail part of your journey, please let us know the ages of all passengers who will be between 4 to 25 years old when you travel.

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From Gatwick Airport to Paris in one simple booking:

1. Gatwick Airport to London Victoria - 30mins
2. London Victoria to St Pancras International (stop over) – 56mins
3. St Pancras International to Paris Gare du Nord - 2h16mins

Best total journey time - 3h42mins