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To find out more about Interludes by Eurostar, visit interludes.eurostar.com



Eurostar International Limited ("Eurostar" or the "Organiser"), a company incorporated in the UK, under number 2462001, having its registered office at Times House, Bravingtons Walk, London, N19AW, United Kingdom, is organising, in the UK, a competition named Interludes taking place from 20 September 2017 at 09.00 GMT to 02 October 2017 at 17:00 GMT (the "Competition Period"), online, (hereinafter referred to as the "Competition"), via the websites indicated under article 3.


Participation in the Competition is free and there is no obligation to purchase.

This Competition is open to any adult residing in the UK, excluding staff of the Organiser, people involved in the Competition’s design and implementation and members of their family.

All participants hereby acknowledge to have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions. Any breach of these terms and conditions shall lead to invalidity of participation.

A single participant may enter the Competition multiple times provided each entry contains new content.

No participation in the Competition shall be accepted outside the Competition Period. No incomplete, inaccurate or duplicated participations shall be accepted or those including incorrect, duplicated, retweeted or re-posted information/data.


3.1 Terms of participation

To participate, each participant must, during the Competition Period:

  • log in to Instagram and access their Instagram user account;
  • visit the Eurostar Instagram via the website www.instagram.com/Eurostar and, if the participant is not already a follower of Eurostar, become a follower by clicking on "follow”;
  • using their Instagram profile, which must not be set to 'Private' mode, submit a post sharing their most delectable foodie snap and telling us about their dream dinner party, including the hashtag #InterludesbyEurostar and #SayYes (such submission defined herein as an “Entry”) and

  • must be available to travel to Paris on Saturday 18 November 2017, travelling on the 08.31am train from London St Pancras International, returning on Sunday 19 November travelling on the 17.13 pm from Paris Gare du Nord arriving at London St Pancras International at 18.30 pm UK time (the Trip).


The participant acknowledges that by entering the Competition:

  • the participant authorises Eurostar to use, free of charge, all Entries (for the avoidance of doubt, including all photos, videos and illustrative texts), as well as the participant’s Instagram handle, for internal and external publicity over a period of 12 months in the whole world. This authorisation involves free transfer in favour of Eurostar of all rights over such Entries, including intellectual property rights and the right for Eurostar to reproduce, adapt, represent and combine such Entries with other photos, videos and/or illustrative texts.
  • The participant accordingly authorises Eurostar to capture video footage (including image and sound) of the participant and their companion for use (and storage) for marketing purposes (on any medium whatsoever, including for the avoidance of doubt, on social media and www.eurostar.com), press or news releases, internal communications, presentations and training materials.


3.2 Rights guaranteed by the participant

The participant hereby guarantees as follows:

  • that, in the Entry, there is no borrowing or counterfeit pertaining to protected works and more widely not to publish online any information which harms intellectual property rights or third party rights notably copyright, trademarks or image rights over people;
  • that the Entry uploaded and the information comprising it comply with the terms and conditions for moderation outlined in these terms and conditions;
  • to have received authorisation from the people represented in the Entry for use of the same in the Competition;
  • that the Entry and all information comprising the Entry are solely and exclusively its personal production and that the participant is the unique author thereof and consequently the participant shall not post online any pre-existing work;
  • not to misuse the identity of any person involved in the Competition; and
  • to hold Eurostar harmless against any problems, legal action, claim, complaint or eviction whatsoever made by any third party stating that the Entry infringes their rights, as well as any damage or liability incurred in exercising rights over the Entry. In the event of any legal action being taken against Eurostar for unfair competition or for counterfeit of any intellectual property right belonging to any third party and pertaining to participation in the Competition, the participant concerned shall be responsible for defence, at its own cost, and shall pay all compensation which may be allocated to said third party.



2 winners shall be selected by deliberation of a jury selected in advance by Eurostar.

The winners will be selected based on which Entries the judges deem the most original, intriguing and creative. Selection of the winners will take place on 18 October 2017.


5.1 Detail of prizes

In the framework of the Competition, 2 prizes, as described below may be won:

Each Prize

  • Two return tickets to travel to Paris on the Eurostar in standard premier class (one return for the winner and one return for a companion of the winner’s choice) travelling on 18 November 2017, outbound on the 08.31 am train from London St Pancras International to Paris Gare Du Nord, returning on 19 November 2017on the 17.30 pm train from Paris Gare du Nord to London St Pancras International
  • One dinner in a chef’s Parisian home in Paris per winner and per companion.
  • One ticket per winner and per companion for an art exhibition in Paris.
  • One night in a boutique hotel of Eurostar’s choice.


In total, 2 prizes are available for a total indicative value of 1200 GBP including VAT.

The prizes do not include personal expenses, extra meals suited to specific dietary requirements, transfers from the winner or companion’s home to the Eurostar terminal and back, and more widely, anything which is not expressly included within the prizes described above which shall be payable by the winner.

It is hereby indicated that the Eurostar International Limited conditions of carriage shall be applicable to travel on Eurostar trains. For more information, copies of the conditions of carriage are available from Eurostar retail outlets and on eurostar.com.

Prizes may not be transferred, are not exchangeable and may under no circumstances be reimbursed in cash or be the object of any counterparty whatsoever.

The prize may not be the subject of any claim of any nature whatsoever by the winner.

The total value indicated for the prizes set out above is only given by way of a guide and is subject to change. It is the equivalent of the retail price including VAT of the services offered and as practiced or estimated as at the date of drafting these terms and conditions.

In the event of any case of force majeure or if circumstances outside of the control of Eurostar require, Eurostar hereby reserves the right to cancel or modify these terms and conditions and to replace each prize indicated by a prize of an equivalent value and/or with similar characteristics.

Any incomplete or inaccurate details shall be considered as null and void and shall prevent the winner from claiming the prize. Participation in the Competition shall be cancelled if incomplete, incorrect, counterfeit or run contrary to these terms and conditions. The winner hereby authorises all verifications of his/her identity and details provided.

5.2 Terms and conditions for issue of prizes

Each winner shall be duly informed by Instagram private message and/or in an Instagram comment on their winning entry on Wednesday 18 October 2016 at 2pm GMT.

The winner should respond to this message within a period of 2 days following the date on which said message is sent.

If the winner, once contacted, fails to respond within a period of 2 days following the date on which the message is sent notifying the winner of the prize, the prize shall be relinquished and Eurostar hereby reserves the right to reallocate the prize.

The winner should send Eurostar their full name as written in their passport, as well as the full name (as written in their passport) of their companion of choice.

Winners should arrive at London St Pancras International between 07.00 am and 7.30am on the day of departure (18 November 2017) with all necessary identification for travel. Winners will be issued their tickets to travel at this time.


No provision appearing in these terms and conditions may be interpreted as transferring or conferring to participants and/or winners any right over trademarks, models, distinctive signs, presentations, copyright and, more widely, intellectual property rights, deposited trademarks or not, used or held by Eurostar.

Participants shall refrain from harming in any manner whatsoever intellectual property rights (trademarks, domain names, copyright, similar rights, sui generis rights of database producers) of Eurostar.

In this regard, it is strictly prohibited to reproduce, represent, modify, transfer, publish, adapt, on any medium whatsoever, by any means, or use in any manner whatsoever, web pages in whole or in part or information pertaining to the Competition without the prior written authorisation of Eurostar and/or its partners.


The liability of the Organiser may not be incurred if, following any case of force majeure, or circumstances outside of its control or where circumstances require, the Competition should be cancelled, curtailed, extended or the conditions are amended, in whole or in part. Participants may not claim any compensation in this regard.

The Organiser may not be held liable in the event of any technical defective operation of the Competition. Participants may not, consequently, claim any compensation in this regard. The Organiser hereby relinquishes all liability in the event of defect of the Internet. The Organiser hereby relinquishes all liability in the event of technical defect, anomalies, hardware of software faults of any nature (virus, bugs, etc.) occurring on the system of the participant, on its IT hardware and data stored thereon. The Organiser shall not be held liable for consequences resulting on personal, professional or commercial activities of the participant.

Any fraud or attempt at cheating by any participant, by any technical method whatsoever, notably by the creation of false identity allowing for multiple registration, may be sanctioned by invalidity of the participation. Infringement of this rule shall lead to invalidity of participation of the person perpetrating the fraudulent act. In these cases of fraud, participants may see their liability incurred towards Eurostar.

The Organiser may cancel the Competition, in whole or in part, if it appears that fraud has taken place, in any form whatsoever, in the framework of participation in the Competition. The Organiser reserves the right, in this instance, not to allocate prizes to parties committing fraud and/or take legal action before the courts with jurisdiction against the parties committing this fraud.

Instagram may not under any circumstances be considered as a sponsor and/or organiser of this Competition and may not be held liable for any claim pertaining to organisation, participation and progress of the Competition.


Without prejudice for article 3, the names of winners may be sent at the request of any participant making a request in writing, within the limit of three months following the end of the Competition Period, to the address indicated below:

Eurostar – Marketing Department

Competition "Interludes"

Eurostar International Limited

5-7 rue du Delta

75427 Paris Cedex


Pursuant to Directive 95/46/CE of the European Parliament and Council, of 24 October 1995, pertaining to the protection of physical persons and the processing of personal data and the free circulation of data, the details of participants may be processed electronically by the Organiser.

Collection of personal data concerning the participant by the Organiser is intended for due and proper progress of the Competition, in particular the possibility to contact winners and provide the prizes in an efficient and timely manner.

Data collected in the framework of the Competition may be processed for external publicity as set out in these terms and conditions.

However, in such instance as any participant should object to collection of personal data required for participation in the Competition and its consequences as outlined in these terms and conditions, it shall expressly agree for registration not to be accepted and for participation to be refused.

Participants in the Competition shall benefit from a right of access, modification and deletion of information collected in the framework of the Competition by the Organiser and by writing to the address indicated above.

Exercising the right of withdrawal prior to the end of the Competition shall lead to automatic cancellation of participation of the participant in the Competition.


The Competition complies with national rules and legislation applicable in the geographical areas in which the Competition is organised.