The continent is closer than you think

Paris & Brussels
from across the UK

Wherever you live in the UK, it’s now quicker and easier than ever to nip to the Continent to stock up on croissants or enjoy a romantic weekend à deux.

Buy National Rail and Eurostar tickets together and travel all the way from home on one simple booking.

Most popular journeys

  • Manchester to Paris: 5 hrs 28 mins
  • Oxford to Brussels: 4 hrs 4 mins
  • Birmingham to Paris: 4 hrs 41 mins
  • Sheffield to Brussels: 5 hrs 23 mins
  • Leeds to Paris: 5hrs 24 mins
  • Birmingham – Brussels: 4 hrs 28 mins
  • Bristol – Paris: 4 hrs 46 mins

Why choose Eurostar?

  • City centre to city centre
  • 30 minute check-in
  • Generous two bag allowance and no need to check them in

So treat someone special to a seamless trip, starting from one of hundreds of mainline stations across the country.

If you're venturing cross-Channel from further afield, check out our tips on getting to, through and out of London.



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View our destinations

We can take you to the very heart of a host of destinations across Europe. Explore Europe quickly and effortlessly with Eurostar.