Sense of Occasion

Terms and Conditions

  • Please book your Sense of Occasion treats at the same time as your tickets. We can’t add them to your booking later unfortunately.
  • If you’re ordering Sense of Occasion treats with your ticket, you’ll need to book over the phone, rather than using the website or an agent. Call us on 08432 186 186, or +44 1233 617 575 if you're outside the UK.
  • Tickets and treats must be booked at least 48 hours before departure.
  • Sense of Occasion treats are available on all Eurostar routes, but only on your outbound booking.
  • Sense of Occasion treats are only available on the Eurostar leg of any connecting journey.
  • Once you’ve placed your order, we can’t offer any refunds unfortunately.
  • A member of our onboard team will deliver your treats to you at your seat within an hour of departure.
  • If your plans change at all or you just change your seating preferences, please give us 48 hours’ notice of your new seat number and/or train time. Call us on 08432 186 186, or +44 1233 617 575 if you're outside the UK and let us know that you’ve ordered a Sense of Occasion treat so we can make sure it reaches you.
  • Once you’ve booked your Sense of Occasion treats, we’ll send you a confirmation email. Please bring this along with you as these details won’t appear on your ticket. After all, we wouldn’t want to spoil any surprises.