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Eurostar has teamed up with local experts to bring you the romantic highlights of some of Europe's most loved cities. Create beautiful new memories with your partner.

Explore the charm, poetry and historical allure of Amsterdam with a loved one. Get seduced by the evocative Art Nouveau architecture of Brussels. Fall in love with the spectacular views and enchanting landscapes in the South of France. Make sure you steal a kiss from your lover under the Eiffel Tower. Give your eyes a feast to remember in Bruges.

Our guide to romantic holidays goes beyond the guide book to give you the best of Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Bruges and Lyon. The best restaurants, sights and things to do. Make the most of our great value fares and book a romantic trip you'll never forget!


The Big Question

In honour of Valentine's day, we asked loved-up Parisians and Londoners to tell us their favourite pet names for their honeys. 

    • Paris - the Palais Royal gardens / @LostNCheeseland

      There is little more subjective than what constitutes a romantic experience, particularly in a city like Paris whose very image is idealised and romanticised. It’s a place meant to inspire passion, amorous trysts and emotional awakening, or at least there is the belief that these things are possible if ones heart is open to it.

      For me, it isn’t the glistening river Seine at sunset or an embrace as the Eiffel Tower sparkles in the background that feels profoundly romantic. It’s rather an everyday place that brings me great joy and even greater joy to share with someone else – the Palais Royal Gardens.

      It’s the consistent slap of the water hitting the pool of the fountain, the expansive arcades that feel downright palatial and make my husband and I feel like royalty when there are few passersby, the long aisles of manicured lime and chestnut trees that lord over us as we stroll hand- in-hand, and all of this at just the right distance from the urban sounds swirling around us.


      About the writer: Lindsey is a writer and full-time Francophile based in Paris.


    • Beautiful Brussels /

      Famous for being the capital of Europe and world-renowned for its chocolate and beer, everyone claims to know Brussels… This city will astound you because she’s so romantic! But who knows all the different faces of Brussels and particularly the charm of this one place?

      Are you looking for a beautiful and luminous place to impress your other half? I recommend Tenbosch Park as it is a perfect green spot in Brussels that remains lovely throughout the seasons. After a walk steeped in the moment, there is nothing like a romantic break in urban restaurant Onze Quatre-Vingt. Located in a small but characteristic neighbourhood, not far from Place Brugmann, Onze Quatre-Vingt brings you an inventive selection of natural and biodynamic wines. The owner, Miky, pays great attention to his collection of sustainable and organic wines and amazing food.

      However, Brussels would not be Brussels without beer… Don’t worry: the bistro also has a local beer selection so you won’t get thirsty on your romantic date in Brussels!


      About the writer: Priscilla is born and bred in Brussels and always on the look out for exciting new places to discover in Belgium’s capital.


    • Feel the love in Bruges /

      Bruges (free translation: Bridges) has everything to honour its name with its characteristic bridges over the canals. It is a relatively small city but makes up for that with its allure and rich history.

      We enjoy venturing out to enjoy the peace and quiet along the old city walls. Here you can do some great sun tanning near the mills. We also like to go for a stroll along one of the canals. This is perfect for pedestrians as there is not a lot of traffic there.

      Alternatively, we recommend you head over to the old Sint Gilliswijk: a scenic area in Bruges that takes you back to the middle ages where you can still feel and breathe Bruges authenticity. When the evening falls the lighting over the canals provide Bruges with an even more charming view which is excellent if you’re a romantic soul.

      Late at night the streets are almost abandoned and tranquillity sets in. Bruges will invite you to go for a late-night stroll. Bruges by night will give you the feeling that love is in the air.


      About the writer: Annemieke and Filip are both Bruges city guides and live in its historic city centre. In 2009 they launched their blog “Brugse Vertellementjes” in which they write about their culinary discoveries in town.


    • Lyon oozes romance from its very pores / @EmilyCommander

      From candlelit bouchon to hidden traboule, Lyon not only speaks the language of love, but oozes romance from its very pores. If, however, your love requires some privacy, you may struggle to find a setting not already draped with amoureux.

      For this reason my most romantic location is just outside the city, on top of Mont Cindre in Saint-Cyr-au-Mont-d’Or. Reaching the summit requires some effort, although as the French say: "qui aime bien châtie bien" (true lovers fear no test). Once up there, the views across Lyon and the mountains beyond are breath-taking enough to tease a kiss out of the most reticent of partners.

      L’érmitage hotel and restaurant will provide food and a bed if you want to linger alongside the panorama. As Lyon’s most famous writer, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry once said: “Love doesn’t mean gazing at each other, but looking, together, in the same direction”. (To get to the top of Mont Cindre: car, or bus number 20 to Saint-Cyr-au-Mont-d’Or and walk)


      About the writer: Emily and her family moved to Lyon from London at the end of 2013. She is a freelance writer, and blogs about her mishaps in France. She often uses Eurostar to visit family and friends in the UK.


    • Amsterdam for two /

      A little while ago someone reminded me that people traveling to Amsterdam are always on the look-out for 24/7 fun, but people that actually live in Amsterdam, are always searching for the hidden, quiet places. And yes, that’s a fact.

      Particularly for a romantic day in Amsterdam, you need go out of the city centre. ‘Vuurtoreneiland’ – a.k.a. the lighthouse island – is my favorite romantic place to go. You can reach the island with a small, old fashioned boat that takes you from the Lloyd Hotel (which is quite a sight in itself) in twenty minutes to a small island where there is nothing but a lighthouse and a greenhouse. A restaurant is situated in the greenhouse. Here, you can eat the finest food (a big part of the menu is plant based), drink the best wines and you are treated as if you are the most important person on the planet (which you are, of course!). It’s a little holiday ‘in’ town on its own.

      Vuurtoreneiland used to be only open during the summer season but recently the restaurant team built a gorgeous fort, meaning that in the winter of 2016 for the first time people can enjoy the island on a chilly evening too – it won’t get more romantic than that and that’s a promise!


      About the writer: Maartje is an Amsterdam based travel journalist who, next to her own website, writes for magazines such as ELLE and Harper's Bazaar. On her travel blog you’ll find golden oldies and hip hotspots to eat, sleep, drink and relax.


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