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World Land Trust has been saving wildlife, acre by acre, since 1989. It’s a UK based international charity that raises funds to buy and protect tropical forests and other critically threatened habitats for their biodiversity. More than 500,000 acres of tropical forests, wetlands and grasslands have been purchased to date. These lands are now protected nature reserves, managed by the local partner. Additionally, over 2.5 million acres more are being protected for conservation as a result of World Land Trust activities. The Trust always works in partnership with local non-governmental organisations to protect and manage the land for conservation.

The World Land Trust is a registered charity (registered charity number 1001291) and its Patrons are Sir David Attenborough, Steve Backshall, David Gower and Chris Packham.

World Land Trust

World Land Trust Buy an Acre fund* is currently supporting these urgent projects:

ECUADOR: Local partner: Nature and Culture International (NCI)

Ecuador contains 17% of the world’s total number of bird species (that’s 1,600 of them) but there is little protected land in the south and west of the country, where many of rarest bird species are managing to survive in diminishing patches of unprotected habitat. World Land Trust works with four Ecuadorian conservation partners and Buy an Acre projects are received by Nature and Culture International, Ecuador. Land purchase is mainly in the south of the country, one of the most important areas for biodiversity, saving a range of highly threatened habitats in the Amazon watershed of the Andes. As well as a wealth of birds, mammal species protected include mountain tapir, spectacled bear, ocelot and puma.

MEXICO: Local partner: Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda

Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda are co-managers (jointly with the government) of the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve in central Mexico. This area is one of the most ecologically diverse and important regions in Mexico as it is the meeting point of two bio-regions - the Nearctic from the north and the Neotropical from the south. The altitudinal range (300-3,100m) protects a wide selection of species, including all six species of cat found in Mexico: jaguar, puma, bobcat, margay, jaguarundi and ocelot. Rare birds that are protected include the magnificent military macaw to the second smallest bird in the world, the bumblebee hummingbird. A haven for large mammals, as well as all six species of wild cat, 131 other mammal species have been recorded, including the black near and neotropical otter.

ARGENTINA: Local partner: Fundación Biodiversidad Argentina

The Yungas forest of Argentina is in urgent need of protection and our partners at World Land Trust are working with Fundacion Biodiversidad to protect a priority area called El Pantanoso. With your generous donations, they hope to buy this land to form a vital corridor between protected forests, so that threatened species like jaguars, pumas and ocelots can move freely and live in safety.

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 *Donations will be placed in the Buy an Acre fund for projects where land purchase costs £100 an acre and is saved forever. Unless you specify a particular country, your donation will go towards the most urgent project at the time.

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