Eurostar Presents Lefto

One Friday evening every month, we invite a DJ to represent their city's sounds in each of our Business Premier lounges.

Renowned Belgian DJ Lefto will take to the Brussels Lounge to warm travellers up for the weekend. He's taken the time to tell us a few stories, and he's put together a great playlist for those of you not in the lounge this Friday the 18th.

You’ll be playing in the lounge in your home city, to people about to head home to a different country. What is the music scene like in Brussels at the moment? How do you feel your music represents the scene in Brussels?

The beautiful thing about the music scene in Brussels is probably its diversity and how it all blends.  Brussels is known for being one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world and growing up in this city, it is almost a natural thing to have friends from different origins. And that's where the musical influence steps in. Some artists will use that background to create original music and that's what the scene is like in Brussels. For my part, I love to blend music from all over the world, from different era with today's music, and doing this for so many years now, I've seen other deejays going that same way, open minded artists are key for this city. 


Do you have any surprising stories from your travels? Has anything happened by chance that has led you to discover something new?

I travel a lot, go to many places, and visit different continents, and I have many stories, met interesting people and bumped into famous actors like Cameron Diaz and Hugh Grant but the most interesting stories are usually pure cultural stories.  Going to Japan for instance is like leaving this planet and arriving in a new world.  I've been in a typhoon there, felt many earthquakes and visited devastated areas by the Tohoku tsunami in 2011.  But what I've seen there is also how the population help each other, rebuild the country and get back to work to compete on an international level.  I've been to Kazakhstan a few times, where they have you in a beautiful hotel, where many American soldiers coming back from the Afghan battlefield are in transit and tell you stories about it.  All these stories and life experiences contribute to see the human being and our planet in a different way, like different levels in a video game.

Do you have a message for people who’ve listened to your set online or in the lounge? Where can they find more?

Well, I'm sure that anybody who listens to a set of mine and likes it, is someone who is naturally openminded, not only to music, but also to cultures, art and food.  I would recommend them to visit my Mixcloud page where I post my weekly radioshow.