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Partners offers

Discover exclusive offers with our partners and promotional offers such as discounts on workspace solutions, car rental or magazine subscription.

Othership is a membership for professionals who work the other way.

Members access flexible workspaces across the UK, weekly events, member benefits and a way to connect with coworkers from £25 a year.

Dott offers the most efficient way to get around the city centre, free from congestion and pollution. With a fleet of shared e-scooters and e-bikes available for hire across London, Paris and Brussels they are the ideal way for Eurostar travellers to get around in an environmentally friendly way.

We’re offering Eurostar For Business customers 2 free Dott rides and 20% off their next 50 trips. Choose between an e-scooter or e-bike, find the nearest vehicle through the Dott app, unlock it using the QR code, and enjoy travelling effortlessly across the city centre.

Business Premier

Designed for business, enjoy complete freedom and flexibility.

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Our travel classes

Whatever your needs, we've got them covered with our three travel classes - Standard, Standard Premier and Business Premier.

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