Disneyland® Paris hotels

Capture the magic of Disneyland® Paris

With children in tow, you need a journey that's simple and seamless and with Eurostar, that's just what you get. In 2 hours 40 minutes direct from London, speed straight to the gates of the parks in time for a full afternoon of fun.

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Why travel with Eurostar

  • Faster than flying
  • Check in up to 30 minutes
    before departure
  • Generous luggage allowance
  • Comfort and space
  • No charge for debit card bookings
  • Children under 4 travel free

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Disneyland® Hotel


The grandest Disney Hotel boasts charming Victorian decor, all just a steam train's whistle from the entrance to the parks.

Disney's Newport Bay Club®


Breathe in a Cape Cod atmosphere or take your little sailors out onto Lake Disney. Nautical themes abound in this 1920s mansion.

Disney's Hotel New York®


Surround yourself with the energy and excitement of downtown Manhattan, with lavish 1930s art deco style and soaring skyscrapers.

Disney's Sequoia Lodge®


These forest lodges have been exquisitely recreated for nature lovers, surrounding you with treetops and lakeside views.

Disney's Hotel Cheyenne®


Relive your favourite Hollywood Western surrounded by saloons & squares. The flavour of the Wild West is right outside your door.

Disney's Hotel Santa Fe


Enjoy a siesta or fiesta in this American Southwest hotel, an oasis of colour, calm and relaxation.

Magic Circus Hotel


Experience a real circus atmosphere inside this French manor-inspired hotel, decorated with jugglers, clowns & acrobats.

Explorers Hotel


Take a journey to the four corners of the world and go back in time to an era when mermaids, buccaneers and pirates ruled the waves

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