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Employees use this to buy any goods and/or services that they need, except for stock train parts.

EurostarBuy is an on-line ordering, approval and receipting system. It allows Eurostar employees to electronically create Purchase Orders, obtain approval from the appropriate manager(s) and confirm delivery details.

It enables employees to take advantage of agreed rates with preferred suppliers and keep firm control on their department's spend.


The Benefit for Suppliers

Suppliers will know that when they receive a purchase order, it has been fully approved.

When the invoice is received by Eurostar's Accounts Payable team, it does not need to be circulated around the business for approval.

Instead, it can simply be matched to the value receipted on the purchase order and paid.

This means less paperwork and a more efficient payment mechanism.

Eurostar has a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption.

Image credits: © eurostar