19/04/2013 Eurostar’s Catering Receives Sustainability Star Rating

19 Apr 2013

Eurostar is proud to announce that it has become the first transport provider to receive Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) accreditation as a One-Star Sustainability Champion*.

The high-speed rail operator was recently granted the One-Star Sustainability Champion* statusfor its commitment to sourcing local and sustainably produced ingredients for its on-board catering, and for pursuing a socially and environmentally responsible approach.

The SRA works with more than 1,200 restaurants across the UK and Eurostar became the very first transport provider to partner with them in 2012. Before awarding a ‘star rating’, the SRA benchmarks caterers across three distinct areas, product, planet and people. 

Peter Bragg, Head of Environment and Energy for Eurostar commented; “We share the SRA’s commitment to promoting locally sourced and sustainably produced ingredients and we were delighted to be the first transport provider to partner with their organisation.

“We are very proud of our One-Star Sustainability Champion rating and the work we've carried out to achieve it. Our customers increasingly care about the provenance of the food they eat and by working closely with our suppliers, we are continually improving our sustainability practices. We don’t just talk about policies and practices, we do everything we can to deliver them.”

Commenting on Eurostar’s SRA accreditation, Mark Linehan, Managing Director of the SRA, said; “We were very pleased when Eurostar became the first transport operator to join the SRA. We’re now delighted that having put its credentials to the test, the company has earned a One Star Rating for its catering operation, demonstrating its commitment to sustainability.

“Among examples of the good things Eurostar customers can expect are a high proportion of locally sourced produce and free range pork, beef and poultry. It’s also pleasing to see Eurostar actively engage with communities in the UK, France and Belgium and working to drive down its CO2  emissions through its Tread Lightly programme.”
Sourcing local produce, reducing wastage, sourcing supplies responsibly and recycling are key elements of Eurostar’s Tread Lightly programme, which sees the business commitment to reducing its overall impact on the environment.
For more information about Eurostar’s Tread Lightly policy or to book Eurostar tickets visit www.eurostar.com or call 03448 224 777.


Notes to Editors:

About Eurostar
1. Eurostar is the high-speed train service linking St Pancras International, Ebbsfleet International, Ashford International, Paris, Brussels, Lille, Calais, Disneyland Resort Paris, Avignon and the French Alps.

2. Eurostar was established in 1994 as a partnership between three railway companies: SNCF, SNCB and LCR (London and Continental Railways).  On 1 September 2010, Eurostar became a single, unified corporate entity owned by three shareholders: SNCF, SNCB and LCR.

3. The current Eurostar train was first introduced into service in 1994 carrying 750 passengers and operating at speeds of up to 300kph.  Since then, the fleet of 28 trains has carried more than 130 million passengers between London and the Continent.  Following their refurbishment these trains will continue to form a core part of the Eurostar fleet.

4. In March 2013, Eurostar became the first transport provider to be awarded a Sustainable Restaurant Association rating. The SRA rated Eurostar across three main areas: Sourcing, Environment and Society and Eurostar received a One-Star Sustainability Champion rating.

5. The Eurostar Ashden Award for Sustainable Travel

  • As part of the Tread Lightly programme to cut carbon and get people thinking differently about their journeys, Eurostar launched the Ashden Award for Sustainable Travel in 2012
  • With a prize fund and a host of benefits, the Eurostar Ashden Award for Sustainable Travel  celebrates and supports local sustainable travel projects in the UK, France and Belgium

For more information:
Eurostar Press Office 
020 7843 5500 / press.office@eurostar.co.uk

About the Sustainable Restaurant Association
The Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) is a national, not-for-profit membership organisation providing more than 1000 restaurants with expert sustainability advice through a team of specialist account managers. The SRA helps member restaurants source food more sustainably, manage resources more efficiently and work more closely with their community.  

* The rating:
The SRA Rating System involves businesses completing a rigorous survey, providing answers and evidence to 65 questions across 14 areas of sustainability. The SRA then assesses the results and rates the restaurants accordingly.

One-Star Sustainability Champions – demonstrated good all round sustainability, scoring at least 50%.
Two-Star Sustainability Champions – demonstrated excellent all round sustainability, scoring at least 60%.
Three-Star Sustainability Champions – demonstrated exceptional all round sustainability, scoring consistently well across every category totalling at least 70%.