Eurostar statement

29 Dec 2009

We believe that recent news reports of a statement from Eurotunnel concerning the events of last weekend require clarification. Whilst the circumstances in the trains delayed in the tunnel were obviously uncomfortable and distressing, passengers' safety was not compromised at any time.
We are concerned that Eurotunnel has misunderstood the nature of the Independent Review which has the backing of both British and French Governments as well as the IGC* and will establish the truth once and for all. In our view they should allow the panel of experts to get on with the Review and let the facts speak for themselves.
The remit of the review is much wider than just the evacuation of passengers from the tunnel and looks at all of the circumstances both before and after the 18 and 19 December.
* IGC is the Inter Governmental Commission which is the Channel Tunnel's supervisory body, jointly appointed by the British and French Governments.
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